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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This is a collaboration of reviews done by The Believe Team. I am excited about having the opportunity to work with a group of wonderful women.

INVESTED by Iris Bolling

Murder in the Prologue!!! Hepburn Dunning, President of Dunning Bank and Trust: Family Motto “Family Integrity First and Foremost”

Hepburn has been priming his oldest son Myles for the day he retires, to take his place as President and CEO and lead their prestigious empire to the next level. But that want be easy with attacks coming from the home front and as far away as Russia. He will need his “Little General”

Chrystina is Myles right hand and ever efficient Executive Assistant, she runs his office’s like a well-oiled machine. Her job is to keep the enemy at bay and the Bank on track to becoming #1. A curvy woman, she doesn’t think she fits in. But Myles needs her for her competency not her looks.

He is captivated by her, and appreciates the power house she is. TOGETHER THEY WILL RISE.

JB Williams

The Believe Team


What can be said about Nick & Sumeera. I absolutely loved them. I'm a sucker for second chance romances and I could tell from the beginning that the two of them were meant for each other. The longing glances, wistful sighs and constant thoughts of each other throughout the whole book just added to their connection. You felt the emotions of the couple that wanted to be together but didn't know how to find their way back to each other. I truly enjoyed and rooted for Nick and Sumeera to get back together. This was a great start to the Jenkins & Sons series and made me want to read the stories of all the other family members.

Erica George

The Believe Team

UNFORGETTABLE by Delaney Diamond

Delaney Diamond’s Unforgettable is a must read. The author takes us on a journey where two lovers are reunited after years of separation and allow you to experience the journey of what it takes to overcome many obstacles including a betrayal of a lifetime. As I read the words, I was not only able to picture each scene, but I was also able to feel the emotions from both the hero and the heroine. What happens when two people from different economic classes meet and fall in love? Will they allow social norms, personal feeling and insecurities get in the way of true love? You’ll have to pick up this book to find out.

Cathy Kelly

The Believe Team

#BLESSED BY MALAKAI by Sherelle Green

Blessed by Malakai is a great read, I love that it touched on the reality of how social media can affect your life. Malakai's story starts out hilariously, especially when you have brothers that's willing to make you remember your mistakes while making fun of you. This book was really heartwarming I love the fact that both the hero and heroine were small town people and found each other in a big city. With the support of Avery Nightingale, good friends and Malakai's family these two were destined to be together for that Big O! Lol

Ms. Prissy Parker

The Believe Team


Kalina and Bryson were a destined match for each other. They have had unimaginable life experiences from two separate spectrums of society. Bryson had his parents and siblings in a close-knit family. Kalina grew up with a divorced parent that suffered from a health crisis throughout her childhood. Each of them needed to have their faith in love and relationships restored. A uniting of the blogger and business owner shared intellect ignites friendship and feelings for one another. Love and Trust is earned between them and the relationship builds with each chapter.

Tina Martin creates a series of life's most disheartening personal, emotional, and drama filled twists and turns in this tale of love and family. I even enjoyed the way the secondary characters were central to the story's plot along with the locations added to the plot line. Evenings With Bryson is a beautifully written and enlightening novel from beginning to end.

Antionette Gates

The Believe Team

SAFE WITH ME by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Peace, Passion and Protection were leaping off of the pages as I read Safe With Me! Samiyah ended up with a broken heart and a failed marriage. She had every intention of following in her mother’s steps by swearing off men, but something happened when she encounters Jonas Alexander Rose, the eldest of the Rose clan, the boxer and most of all her protector. Author Norris, pens a well written books that brings out self-worthiness, love, trust, forgiveness, honor, loyalty and protection. Jonas Rose is a true alpha male and leader of the pack but when it comes to Samiyah Manhattan he turns into a gentle giant. Will Jonas have enough love and gentleness to turn Samiyah’s stony heart to a loving heart? Does love and protection conquer all? You must take the journey with me to find out what happens? You are one-click away!

Chelece Williams

The Believe Team

COOKING UP LOVE by Candace Shaw

In Cooking Up Love, we take a journey to love with Justin Richardson and Shelbi Arrington. This journey is not without its hills and mountains to climb.

Fear, anger, and grief can be the cause of you moving forward or staying stagnant, Shelbi and Justin made decisions in their lives base on one or all of these emotions. The reader will experience how it affected them and how they overcame obstacles in life and love.

I love how both families supported them through figuring everything out. There was one other book in the boxset that the couple was somehow spiritually connected before they got together.

If you like a story with strong family bonds, this is one you will enjoy.


The Believe Team


Keeping Secrets, a great addition to this Family First collaboration. The Essien's' give us an adventure into the lands of Lagos. It's filled with lots of family drama and secrets, and we get an opportunity to see this unique family dynamic in a different cultural light.

It is the start of a marriage in name only that weaves this tangled web and puts Felix and Ebony in its crosshairs. It has been said of soul mates, no matter how long or far the separation, the hearts will recognize it when they are together again. In the end, this is what saved Felix and Ebony.

If you enjoy some suspense with your romance, give this a try.


The Believe Team

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