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A journey experienced through the eyes of Julian Forrester.


Women of the Fellowship: Book One

Publisher: BK Royston Publishing LLC

Publication date: October 7, 2015

Genre: AA Romance/Contemporary Women's Fiction

Some women wait a long time to get married. They do all of the right things. They go to school, build a thriving career, own a home, drive a luxury car, and dedicate years of service to their church or community. But, where is the love? Jillian Forrester was no different. She was asking herself that same question. Where is her love? When would it be her turn? Since she waited so long, when the right man comes along, everybody should be happy right? Maybe not. Come experience the lessons, longing, and love of Jillian Forrester.



Julian is the first book of the "Women of Faith" series. A journey experienced through the eyes of Julian Forrester. Her story gives us an example of a woman waiting on "What God has for Her" particularly finding a husband.

Julian Forrester has done all the right things to make any parent proud or the right man blessed and appreciate a good woman. She excels professionally, but personally, it has not been within her timeframe. Psalms 27:14

Deemed the bad boy of the Randolph twins, Bryon Randolph is the one the church mothers warn all the girls to steer clear of. His story reminds us that God doesn't always use who or what others think is perfect to place in situations or positions. Jeremiah 29:11

I enjoyed Julian and Bryon's story and, I thought it was one example of how patience is needed when waiting on a prayer to be answered. A few elements of the story; mystery, love, forgiveness, faithfulness, and the secondary characters help move the story along. There were a few questions that I wished had been answered but overall a good read and, I am looking forward to the other books.


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