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Celebrating the women running the Robidoux and Walters Family Legacies.



Jackson Falls: Book 4

Publisher: HQN Books; Original edition

Publication Date: August 24, 2021

Genre: Black/African American Romance

All they need is a second chance…

It’s been three years since Ashiya Waters walked away from Russell—and made the biggest mistake of her life. She knows she shouldn’t dwell on the past. Love isn't meant to last…and nobody taught her that better than her own family. But when her grandmother unexpectedly dies, leaving Ashiya in charge of a multimillion-dollar company, Russell is the only one who can help her…and things get complicated fast.

Russell Gilchrist would do anything to be named COO of Robidoux Holdings—with all of the power and money that comes along with it. He’s been desperate to solve the disappearance of his brother, Roderick, for years, and the Robidoux influence could finally turn this cold case hot—and give his family some much-needed closure. The job is his…if he helps Ashiya manage her new business. He’ll just do his work and get out—that’s the plan. But being so close to the woman who broke his heart is dangerous. Seeing her smile and feeling her touch makes him want to forget the past. But will this second chance at love burn them both?



Foolish Hearts is the fourth installment of the Jacksons Falls series. Like the rest of the series, this one was not without the shortage of family drama, fight over family legacies, suspense, and love.

Ashiya Waters never wanted a stake in Robidoux Holdings. She was content with flying under the radar in what everyone refers to as "her little store or that little store" Piece Together, which happens to be a consignment shop that she started without the help of the Robidoux fortune. That self-proclaimed peace begins to crumble when her estranged grandmother suddenly dies and leaves her entire estate to Ashiya.

Russell Gilchrist and Ashiya have a past, and his quest to climb the corporate ladder at Robidoux is within his reach, a test of his loyalty...sort to speak is placed on the table. Can the two of them survive through Ashiya taking over her multimillion-dollar inheritance, solving a 15-year-old cold case, repair a family unit, and a second chance at love? Whew, that wore me out just thinking about it.

Move over soap operas, with all the drama lurking in and out of the boardroom, makes The Jackson Falls series a perfect option for a TV series. If you enjoy stories with powerful families with lots of drama, twists, and somewhat complicated romances, I recommend you check out this series. I believe it is one you will enjoy reading.

While you can enjoy this book as a standalone, I highly recommend the entire series to understand all the players.




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As you can probably guess, I was going with a more celebratory feel with this pair option. While this semi-sweet sparkling wine was good, and I will try it again, I would've liked a little more alcohol content. With all the drama and suspense in the storyline, having a clearer mind made it a better option. Didn't want to miss any invaluable nuggets with the suspense elements😉

There were many things to celebrate, and having a little bubbly was just the thing to compliment this great read!

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