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Beauty…..”Eye of the Beholder”  Who is the Beholder?

                                                                                                                                                 I GAVE THIS 5*

This story was a classic example of the quote “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and throughout this story there were many beholders for Phaedra/Liv; Her parents, Dr. Johnson, her assistant and most of all Parker, but the thing that freed Phaedra was when she realized she was the Beholder, she finally excepted that she was fearfully and wonderfully made.

The author gave us a phenomenal story of a testimony of southern little girl who always dreamed of being a model and at a young age she was diagnosed with a condition that would be considered kryptonite to anyone who wanted to be in the limelight and most definitely a model.

Parker was known as the photographer that could capture the true essence of any subject he was set on. Getting Liv to do his annual shoot on his terms proved to be headliner, but has posed quite the challenge.

This helped to reminds us that more often than not, nothing in life is happenstance and things that happen in our journey can be a teaching and a learning moment.

Great Read and I found it paired nicely with Cooper’s Hawk Romance Red!!

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