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The rules are clear...Never go after a man's family or be prepared for the aftermath!



Publisher: Amaris Publishing LLC

Publication Date: July 8, 2022

Genre: Black and AA Romance, Suspense Thriller

Even when he does good, he’s still bad…

Lazarus “Laz” Dimas made plenty of enemies as an Atlanta police detective. Now that he is a security specialist and married with a family, he does everything by the book…mostly. It’s not until someone threatens his family that he falls back into his old, lethal behavior and resurrects his former mantra: By Any Means Necessary.

Journey has it all—an amazing husband, a rewarding career as an assistant district attorney, and the most adorable baby girl. Yet, she wants more. She wants to be elected Atlanta’s next district attorney.

Laz is always supportive and makes sure she wants for nothing, but not this time. He insists she make a choice: their marriage or the job she desires. It should be an easy decision, but it takes almost losing everything she holds dear before Journey checks her priorities.

And when tragedy threatens to rip her and Laz’s relationship apart, they must fight to keep it together…but is it too late?


Committed is another terrific addition to The Atlanta's Finest Series. We meet Lazarus and Journey at the beginning of the series, and you quickly realize that a union between them would not be easy. With all the attraction and chemistry between them, they seemed a bit incompatible. Can this couple live in harmony?

Laz is known for pushing boundaries and when it comes to catching the bad guys, it is by any means necessary. He might stay in someone’s hot seat, but he is the one you want at your six. While he has this larger-than-life persona, even he has limits…open fire on him and his daughter and rocky relationship with his wife drives him almost to the brink of insanity.

Journey is that strategic lawyer that you do not want to come up against. It was never her intention to be married to anyone but her job, but…LAZ! I love how the author wrote the conflict between them in and out of the house. It was the perfect opportunity and one of my favorite things in the story to get a behind the scene glimpse of the men and women of Atlanta Finest in full swing and their unbreakable bond.

This has all the feel of romantic suspense, and I was surprised that out of all my suspects, the real culprit did not make my list. All I can say is Love and Money can make people do unusual things.

You should be reading this, get caught up, and stay connected...Parker is next!



Do not sleep on the Box Wines...

You may be thinking box wines are not as classy as the bottles, on the cheap side, or might not expect it to be a good wine. That is simply not true, box wines have their place; they have a good shelf life, as far as taste you should not judge based on their container.

I like the convenience of the smaller servings that the Black Box offer, they fit into a small cooler, and it is great for a picnic or outdoor concert.

Now for the tasting, the nose yields earthy notes, spice, and dark fruits. On the palate, it is a little sweet, with hints of vanilla, plum, and black cherry. The oak is represented. A bit on the dry side, the acidity and tannins blend well leaving you with a medium finish.

Black Box and its unique flavor structure make this a good pair for Committed. Much like our characters, complicated but blend to make something good.

COST: $6

These come in large and smaller sizes. For the purpose of the pair, we are highlighting the smaller version. You can find them in most local wine & spirits or local grocery stores.

Whether you enjoy this Books & Booze Pair together or separately, enjoy and sip responsibly!

DISCLOSURE: This post contains some affiliate links. When you purchase through one of our links we will receive a commission. This is no cost to you and we appreciate your support.


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