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HEY VIPs!! I’m excited that author and co-founder of Book Euphoria, Sherelle Green, is a part of this anthology!

We welcome to the lineup, one of Momma Peaches own, Kadaris Kelly

There is nothing barbershop owner, Kadaris Kelly, wouldn’t do for his former foster mother turned babysitter, Mama Peaches. Even if that means participating in the upcoming Southlake Park bachelor auction to raise money for the neighborhood. However, Mama Peaches has one request…Kadaris must work with etiquette coach, Khloe Madison, to polish his thuggish exterior before the auction. Despite their chemistry, he hasn’t gotten along with Khloe in years and he’s ready to send her packing. Imagine his surprise when Khloe makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

Khloe Madison has never passed up on a challenge and rough-around-the-edges Kadaris is her biggest challenge yet. He’s stubborn, arrogant, and unfortunately, too sexy for his own good. In order to get through this, she has a proposition for him. All she needs is ten days to turn Kadaris into the ideal bachelor and if he isn’t singing her praises after that, she’ll be at his beck and call the week after the auction. However, if this princess of the neighborhood wins, he’ll regret the day he ever called her prim and proper.



Award-winning author, Sherelle Green, is a Chicago native with a dynamic imagination and a passion for reading and writing. To her family and friends, she’s known as a hug connoisseur, dishing out as many warm hugs as she can. Reality television and lip gloss may be her guilty pleasures; however, she’s in an unapologetic love affair with coffee. On many days, she can be found scouring different shops to add to her coffee mug collection or traveling the world for literary inspiration.

Sherelle loves connecting with readers and other literary enthusiasts. She is one of the founding members of Book Euphoria, a literary group, and her memberships include Romance Writers of America (RWA) and Novelists, Inc. (NINC). She enjoys composing emotionally driven stories that are steamy, edgy, and touch on real life issues. Her overall goal is to create relatable and fierce heroines who are flawed, just like the strong and sexy heroes who fight so hard to win their hearts.

“There’s no such thing as a perfect person…but when you find the person who is perfect for you, the possibilities are endless.”

For the latest updates and information, visit her website ( or her reader’s group,

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