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Some people bump, spill coffee and fall in love, but Jane and Nigel spiced it up……

Stand Alone: Yes Publisher: Amazon Digital Services Publication Date: September 23, 2019 Genre: African American Romance Heat Level: Sizzling AMAZON

for jane and nigel, timing is everything.


The title is pretty suggestive, it will grab you and/or make you shy away🤗😱

Well here’s the thing it is everything the title suggest, but soooo much more.  F*uck and Fall in Love gives you a beautiful and comprehensive love story.  Niguel and Jane literally meet, f*ck and find their chemistry is so complimentary they fall in love.

This short story doesn’t skimp on character or story development.

I recommend you take a chance on this one.  You will fall in love with them.



Nicole Falls is a contemporary Black romance writer who has taken entirely too long to complete her first project. She’s also a ceramic mug and lapel pin enthusiast who cannot function without her AirPods constantly blaring music. When Nicole isn’t writing, she spends her time trolling her friends and family while drinking coffee and/or cocktails or checking off yet another of these great United States visited in her quest to see some land! She currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago.

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