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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Well seems Face Down Friday by Sherelle Green gives us a shock. If Nash and Face Down Friday is the beginning, we will need some reading buddy pair-ups for this series….only serious reading buddies apply!!!

Sherelle Green, done took the soft gloves off!!

Face Down Fridays: Prelude (Crowne Legacy Book 1) by [Sherelle Green]

Face Down Friday By Sherelle Green Series: The Crowne Legacy Publication: August 11,  2020, Amazon Genres: African American Romance,  Erotica

Ever indulged in your wildest fantasies without any restrictions or consequences?

HER Sly smirk. Heated glance. I knew I was hooked from the first moment our eyes connected. But I’m not the type of woman to give in easily. Especially when his offer is dripping in rule breaking notions threatening to consume me.

HIM I wanted her willing and ready for anything before she’d even spoken a single word. I’m a patient man, but even patience has a timeframe when it comes to following her rules. But as she’ll soon learn, I don’t follow rules. I make them.

Please Note: Face Down Fridays is a fast-burn, sexy prelude to the Crowne Legacy series. Although this novella can be read as a stand-alone, it’s an intro into the series.



As readers, we’ve been known to watch for new releases like some people watch stocks. But, I found myself unprepared for the surprises and twist in Face Down Friday!

It’s been a minute since we’ve all been Undone by Carter, which is where we learned of the Crowe crew. When the author asked if we were ready for this series….it was a resounding YES!!!…but I guarantee after reading this you will have a change of heart.

Nash, an alpha hero and Jade, the powerhouse heroine have mad chemistry that lands them in scenes that could push this book into an erotic category. They were not your average couple and this was more than a simple romance story.

Taking off the soft gloves, the author gives us an intriguing intro to the Crowe series. Not only will I recommend this book, but I also encourage you to line up a reading buddy.

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