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In These Streets by Shelly Ellis

This one is worth every bit of the 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

 Enter to Win – Tote Filled with Goodies from D.C. & Signed Copy of Novel:


“IN THESE STREETS” is a well written tale of three young men that find their life of destruction diverted by the Branch Avenue Institute for Boys. It is here that the three forge a bond that remain into adulthood, even though they take different career paths. The cover had me opening the first page, but the story kept me turning the pages.

Derrick decides his passion is to give back and provide hope to those families that find themselves in unsavory situations. Noble idea, right? It is the very decision that brings his character into question and lands him torn between two women.

Ricky aka Pretty Ricky is his own man and provides us with the most suspense and entertain in this story. His stent in the institute didn’t completely strip him of his street mentality. The fabric of his character teetered the line of legal and illegal. When he sets out to live the straight and narrow he finds himself excepting assistance with his startup from the neighborhood kingpin (Dolla Dolla). Things begin to shake up when he lets a woman in and it has him questioning his decisions. Spite his upbringing and view on women, he falls hard and fast. Will this be enough to keep her from taking him down or will she validate his views?

Jamal, in my opinion never really found his way, living in the shadows of others. The very woman that had him on top of the world is the very one that cut him down like a tree and had him questioning his moral compass. Will this have him joining the likes of those he despises to save face and his popularity>

This is book one in the Branch Avenue Boys series and spite of the author leaving us with questions, which I am sure will be answered in the other installments I enjoyed these characters and their stories and would definitely recommend to anyone who love stories of hope and second chances.

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