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Review: Pushing Thirty

Pushing Thirty by Necole Ryse 🍷🍷🍷🍷

Once you start reading, you find yourself quickly swept up in the lives of these characters as they navigate through this thing called life. The author gives us a story from several points of view that a wide variety of readers can relate to; younger or older, male or female; in a relationship or seeking one.

I found that Zaahira carried a lot of her childhood baggage into her adulthood and stayed in protective mode until Chris came along and slowly peel away some layers.

Out of all the girls, I found Terry had the most difficult hurdle to overcome.  On the surface, she makes everything look good all the while she was miserable. Lack of communication of feelings and consideration of one another was almost this couple’s end.

Camille lives in background, whether it’s working in her corporate job or with her group of friends. When she meets Jemel I am sure it is his outgoing personality that inspires her to come out of her shell.

You will love this endearing tale of forgiveness, second chances, and romance. The emotions you experience are anywhere from frustration to elation.

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