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Upcoming Release and Author Spotlight

Stay tuned for Cocoa Dreams, a sweet and sexy treasure due to release tomorrow. You'll meet Romaric and Poppy, who couldn't be more different and the same🤷‍♀️

My wine pair was spot on with Copper's Hawk Vin Chocolat Noir.

My review to follow....

COCOA DREAMS BY Carolyn Hector

Stand-Alone: Yes

Publisher: Rose Gold Press, LLC

Publication Date: February 11, 2021

Genre: African American Romance, Multicultural

After a mind-blowing interlude with a perfect stranger, Poppy James is thinking of one thing only... Mr. Gray Sweatpants. The last task she wants to be doing is planning the perfect wedding reception with her cousin's soon-to-be brother-in-law.

Charmant Cocoa Company CEO, Romaric Charmant, isn't keen on marriages, or meeting the latest addition to the Charmant family. He prides himself on privacy, yet, planning a low-key reception with a woman who makes her living on television spells trouble. Especially when he discovers that his unforgettable one-night-stand also happens to be his wedding partner.


About Carolyn Hector

Carolyn Hector was on the path to becoming a writer at a young age when she wrote scripts for her Barbie dolls and passed them out to her friends to study for future play dates. She wrote her own version of Streets of Fire after she couldn’t get enough of the characters and did so by changing things around to match her middle school world. Spoiler alert, “Tommy and Helen” end up together in her version. It wasn’t until she watched Romancing the Stone that she finally knew what she wanted to be when she grew up–a Romance Writer!

She is best known for her Once Upon a Tiara series set around life after pageants for beauty queens. Carolyn also enjoys writing romantic suspense and contemporary Christmas themed books.

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