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An award winning, book talking, reading, wine pairing, book loving connoisseur who lives by the principle of reading being a lifestyle, not a hobby. With an eclectic reading palette, my genre of choice includes a vast range from romance to thrillers. Unbeknownst to me, this uncontrollable energy granted the blessing of winning several awards and the title of Award-Winning Book Ambassador.

As founder and CEO of MidnightAce Book Bar, I created this space to provide a comfortable, lounge type of environment to enjoy literary adventures, virtual wine tasting, book pairings, and more.

I am also the crafter of MidnightAce Book Bar Reviews as well as other literary services. Reviews completed by the book bar are not only an outlet to support authors, but an amazing opportunity for me to share my thoughts on books with fellow readers and book lovers. The book bar reviews are unique in that a personal review includes an authentic carefully paired booze/wine with the book, a special added touch to spice up the reading adventure. Not that I need a reason to enjoy a glass of wine, but if I had to site one, it would be "Happiness looks a lot like...a good book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other".


Over the years this virtual space and outlets has advanced to include a Books & Booze live segment where author interviews and live chats takes place. This exciting crossover adds to my list of skills to include that of host, speaker, and moderator.


In addition, you can find me on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM (C)/8 PM (E), hanging out at on the Iris Moments show, where she co-host a weekly discussion about books that entice the mind. Another highlight connecting the world of authors and readers.


When I am not taking care of others, I can be found saddled with books, electronic devices for reading and promoting authors on and off the social media. Besides reading, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, sports, music, sipping a glass of wine paired with a good book or cigar. 


Award-Winning Book Ambassador




-Book Reviewer

-Beta Reader




-Radio co-host

-Wine Enthusiast


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