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This post concludes the Knights of Castle series review, but DON'T MISS the hot great standalone series. The Kings of the Castle made them family, but the Knights will transform the world.

I highly recommend you considered getting acquainted with Kings and Knights. The buzz around the community is there could be Queens of the Castle on the horizon. The Book Bar is keeping an eye on the situation.

Stand-Alone: Yes

Series: Knights of the Castle

Book: Seven

Publisher: Macro Publishing Group

Publication Date: October 27, 2020

Genre: Multicultural & Paranormal Romance

Neesha Carpenter is on the run from a stalker ex-boyfriend, so why are the police hot on her trail?

Neesha escaped the madness of her previous relationship only to discover the Chicago Police have named her the prime suspect in her ex's shooting. With her life spinning out of control, she turns to the one man who’s the biggest threat to her heart—Christian Vidal, her high school sweetheart.

Christian has always been smitten with Neesha’s strength, intelligence, and beauty. He offers her safe haven in the kingdom of Durabia and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even enlisting the help of the Kings of the Castle.

Neesha and Christian's rekindled flame burns hotter even as her stay in the country places the royal family at odds with the American government.

As mounting evidence points to Neesha’s guilt, Christian must ask the hard question … is the woman he loves being framed, or did she pull the trigger?


Knight of Irondale is the 7th installment in the Knights of the Castle series. With this one, we journey with Neesha Carpenter and Christian Vidal.

Neesha can't seem to shake her stalker ex-boyfriend. He is dangerously obsessed with her and would stop at nothing to have her back to himself. When Neesha decides to take an assignment in Durabia to evade James, he becomes desperate, and things turn criminal.

Christian has been offered a job in Durabia, working with the Royal family and reunite with his aunt Sheikha Ellena. When he sees Neesha in the airport, he sees it as a second chance with her.

Neesha's ex implicates her as having shot him. When the Police come to the airport to detain her, it's Christian's quick thinking that aided in getting them in the air and en route to Durabia.

The peace didn't last that long when James brings the drama to Durabia. Once again, the Kings and Knights must band together, taking care of whatever trouble brought against to their family and friends. Christian is determined to having this second chance with Neesha.

If you are following this series, you are probably enjoying these alpha men in action.

Great Read!!


Stand-Alone: Yes

Series: Knights of the Castle

Book: Eight

Publisher: Macro Publishing Group

Publication Date: November 3, 2020

Genre: Multicultural & Paranormal Romance

Single mothers who are eligible for release, have totally disappeared from the Alabama justice system.

Women's advocate, Meghan Turner, has uncovered a disturbing pattern and she’s desperate for help. Then her worse nightmare becomes a horrific reality when her friend goes missing under the same mysterious circumstances.

Rory Tannous has spent his life helping society’s most vulnerable. When he learns of Meghan’s dilemma, he takes it personal. Rory has his own tragic past and he’ll utilize every connection, even the King of the Castle, to help this intriguing woman find her friend and the other women.

As Rory and Meghan work together, the attraction grows and so does the danger. The stakes are high and they will have to risk their love and lives to defeat a powerful adversary.


Knight of Birmingham is our 8th installment of the Knights of the Castle series. This one presents a whole host of sensitive issues that the Knights and Kings expertise is needed to handle.

We meet Rory Tannous and Meghan Turner, who band together to tackle the issue of several women gone missing from halfway houses. Meghan Turner has a passion for the underdog, women just needing a leg up. When she has trouble finding someone to take her efforts seriously, she finds making a deal with the devil is the only solution. Meghan is on a mission to detach herself from this toxic union, but at the expense of being pulled in many directions and her clients mysteriously going missing.

Rory Tannous has a crusade of his own and is very similar to what Meghan has, only he is working underground and operating dangerously close to the snake's head.

Meghan's partner sees a pattern and reaches out to a friend, who gets in touch with a King, and of course, you know things are set in motion. Meghan and Rory come together under strained circumstances, but you know love compliments all things. I enjoyed watching Meghan and Rory work together, and the Kings once again show us the reason for their positions and titles.

I thought these authors did a great job capturing the readers by engaging us in a story of crimes, lies, deception, criminal acts, and awareness of an issue that is widespread in this and other countries. They balance all those dark acts with a romance in which the characters experience passion in each other.

This book contains acts of abuse of women, so if this could be a trigger, proceed with caution.


Stand-Alone: Yes

Series: Knights of the Castle

Book: Nine

Publisher: Macro Publishing Group

Publication Date: November 17, 2020

Genre: Multicultural & Paranormal Romance

Following an undercover FBI sting operation that didn’t go as planned, Agent Mateo Lopez is ready to put the government agency in his rearview mirror.

A confirmed workaholic, his career soared at the cost of his love life which had crashed and burned until mutual friends arranged a date with beautiful, sharp-witted, Rachel Jordan, a rising star at a children's social services agency.

Unlucky in love, Rachel has sworn off romantic relationships, but Mateo finds himself falling for her in more ways than one. When trouble brews in one of Rachel’s cases, he does everything in his power to keep her safe—even if it means resorting to extreme measures.

Will the choices they make bring them closer together or cost them their lives?


Knight of the Penn Quarter, Michelle Sims, and Terri Ann Johnson brings this series to its conclusion, and it has been an enjoyable adventure.

Agent Mateo Lopez has had too many close calls working for the government, and he is ready to turn in his badge. His commanding officer isn't willing to accept the resignation, so he is met with push back when trying to retire. He is ready to devote his attention to endeavors of his own when a murder-suicide at a foster home grabs his attention.

Rachel Jordan has everything it takes to be a rising star in her job in child social services. She goes beyond the surface and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her clients. Is this the reason certain cases get assigned to less attentive agents? When one particular file lands on her desk in need of her immediate attention, it changes the lives of many people.

This heart-gripping case brings them together and evokes emotions from the reader. It takes both of them working together to solve this case. Once the kings are involved, no one is safe from their wrongdoing. Teo and Rachel consider themselves unlucky in love due to bad experiences and being married to their work. That all changes when the sparks begin to ignite in the field and off.

Knight of Penn Quarter has suspense, action, deceit, and criminal acts against children. But you also get a great romance between two people from different walks of life.

Great read! I wasn't ready for this series to end but looking forward to what this group does next.


This post concludes the Knights of Castle series review, but DON'T MISS the hot great standalone series. The Kings of the Castle made them family, but the Knights will transform the world.

Book 1 - King of Durabia


Each King book is a standalone, NO cliffhangers

USA Today, New York Times and National Bestselling Authors work together to provide you with a world you'll never want to leave. The Castle.

Fate made them brothers but protecting the Castle, each other, and the women they love will make them Kings. Their combined efforts to find the current Castle members responsible for the attempt on their mentor’s life is the beginning of dangerous challenges that will alter the path of their lives forever.

These powerful men, unexpectedly brought together by their pasts and current circumstances will become a force to be reckoned with.

Book 1 – Kings of the Castle (the introduction to the series)

Book 2 – King of Chatham

Book 3 – King of Evanston

Book 4 – King of Devon

Book 9 – King of Lawndale

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