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Updated: Sep 27, 2022


A fresh, hilarious take on the classic Cyrano de Bergerac from USA Today bestselling author Kilby Blades…

In today’s world filled with terrible dating apps and split-second hot takes, all Zuri Robinson wants is something real. Between her crap job, her family drama, and feeling like she completely missed out on her twenties, she’s pretty much done. Her only bright spot is exchanging letters with a ridiculously charming guy in Italy. Only Alessandro Fabricare has a teeeeeny little secret…

Nico Fabricare simply wanted to help his brother, Alessandro—who isn’t as eloquent with the English language—write a few letters. But with every letter that crosses the Atlantic, Nico is discovering that Zuri might just be the most incredible woman he’s ever met…except she thinks she’s falling in love with his brother.

Now Zuri is on her way to Italy—to meet Alessandro. And Nico is running out of time to win over the girl of his paper dreams before she finds out the truth.

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We all know the power of written words, but letters between fake pen pals, can this work? Are you ready for another adventure? Grab those passports Kilby Blades takes on another fantastic journey in Italy, Campania proper. In "It Looks Good On Paper,” we dive into the lives of the Fabricare brothers, Niccolo and Alessandro.

Zuri Robinson has a story we have all heard before; working for a company that does not appreciate or value you, taking notice of your ideas, but passing them off as their own. Paper is her jam, and she finds peace in all things paper, taking great care in scouting out the best pens and paper to write. After becoming a pen pal, she finds herself falling for the man behind the pen...and he not only looks good on paper!

Nico Fabricare is CEO of Emporio, the family's paper company. The Fabricare legacy comes under attack after one wrong decision, causing him to step down from his position and into a reclusive state. The brothers decide it best to do a duty swap, leaving him with the task of writing to his brother's American pen pal. This is not a hardship for him because he can always find his center in the presence and use of paper.

Can you imagine how things transform from those letter exchanges? During a scandal, secrets or lies are the last things Emporio needs to come to the surface. Therefore, starting this new venture with Nico and Zuri is risky. When the truth is finally revealed, will the company take another hit? Will love be lost again? That is something you will have to wait until the very end to find out.

Things I enjoyed most about this read were the couple's unique journey centering around their love for paper and the written word. How the author highlighted the couple's struggles and their healing process. Again, the author's ability to provide visuals of the settings and character emotions.

I recommend this for your reading pleasure!


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