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Hi VIPs,

I invite you all to a Books & Booze chat featuring Iris Bolling and The Believe Team. The topic of discussion is News with Curves and where it leads us.

This discussion will be a little different than previous chats, it will live stream on Facebook (MIDNIGHTACE BOOK BAR) so you will still be able to listen and comment.

Join us this Friday...4/30/2021 at 5𝙿𝙼 (𝙿)/7𝙿𝙼 (𝙲) /8 𝙿𝙼 (𝙴)


Standalone: Yes

Publisher: Siri Austin Entertainment LLC

Publication Date: October 2, 2018

Genre: African American Romance Fiction, Romantic Suspense

When investigative reporter, Rachel Fontaine stumbles into a story involving judges, our so-called pillars of society, she has no idea it would lead to the discovery of modern-day slavery or murder. Raised with the in-depth sense of justice, and the desire to expose the wrongs of the world, Rachel sets out to find the truth behind the incarceration of young men of color.

Wade Tyson, of the Tyson Communication family, has no idea what he is walking into when he takes over as News Producer for Tyson Broadcasting. From his first encounter with the mouthy, opinionated, Rachel Fontaine, his life will be forever changed. Armed with no boundaries in seeking the truth, he listens to her theory of un-explainable sentencing practices of certain judges and finds himself the victim of attempted murder.

Pushing aside the sexual tension, his crazy brothers, and her ever questioning father, Wade and Rachel dig deeper into her theory, eventually uncovering a conspiracy that neither realizes how wide or far up the political power chain it lives.

The P.I.E. infiltration begins……

If you haven't read it yet, please click the link above and purchase a copy today. Be informed. If you've read this before, might consider doing a reread.


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