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If you follow EJ Brock and have read any of her books, I am sure you would agree you don’t walk away empty with this series.  After reading this one it took a moment to process the messages in it.   I recommend you experience this one for yourself, there are really no words that can completely describe the experience you will have, but I have attempted with my review..

Stand-Alone: No Series: A Spirit Mate Love Story and Paranormal Romance Book 29 Publisher: EJ Brock Publication Date: June 27, 2019 Genre: Spiritual Paranormal

Battered Road to Restoration

Lucifer has unleashed a host of vengeful Faustian spirits from Hell, and Indiana is ground zero! His instructions are to stage an all-out attack on Christians and sinners alike. A megachurch and a school are the main targets, but homes, businesses, and prisons have also fallen prey. Brock has spent months, assisting the Alter-Egos, rounding up those dark bodiless spirits. The vast majority of whom have set their sights on the members of his family. Meanwhile, Pastor Floyd Walker has been called on by God to breathe life back into the megachurch that ousted him, years ago. He yields to the call because, as the founding pastor, Grace Christian Tabernacle was, is, and will always be, his bitter cup!! Can darkness defeat light? Ask these two powerful men! While one fights with his physical might, the other fights with the might of his praying and preaching tongue. But, neither are aware that an unlikely third force is quietly fighting alongside both of them, as the people of Indiana endure a battered road to restoration.


My thoughts  📚📚📚📚📚

The spirit-mate saga continues in Battered and has all the things we come to love by E.J. Brock and so much more.

Lucifer is up to his shenanigans and with the help of his minions he has staged an all-out attack. As always in life every action has a counter.

God has His own plans in place and it’s to see Grace Tabernacle brought back to its former glory and see the school come to fruition. You guessed it; these are the places that Lucifer made his targets.

Yet again, I wondered when will Lucifer learn he doesn’t stand a chance against God’s most trusted warriors. I’m sure when he decided to battle, he, like the rest of us wasn’t prepared for the counter attack lead by our little Lizzy😉😱😂 Her show of powers has you on the edge of your seat. Pastor Floyd came through with his endless supply of wisdom, lessons and ability to bring scripture to life.

If you’re looking for a read that is funny, powerful, full of action and sure to be a page turner grab a copy of this one and be prepared to be wowed.


About EJ Brock

A student and teacher of the Bible, EJ Brock is a phenomenal writer that specializes in spiritual insight. She is best known for her two award-winning spiritual warfare sagas: “A Spirit Mate Love Story” and “A Sanctioned Mate Series.” “Where fact and fiction collide” is how her readers describe her work.

EJ writes outside the box so paranormal is the genre that can most accurately describes her brilliance, but her imagination isn’t bound by any standard. From EJ you can expect to experience strong alpha males, relatable females, spiritual dilemmas, angels, demons, romance, interracial relationships, mystery and drama all in one sweeping plot. Her unique writing style earned her four highly coveted awards: 2017 Romance Slam Jam Author of the year, Book of the Year, Hero of the Year, and Heroine of the Year.

Readers can relate to her flawed characters as they navigate their way through life’s spiritual journey. In both of her series, the angels are not living in the glass darkly, but amongst God’s “so loved” humanity. While her series may be considered extremely edgy, they are written with the symbolic gospel theme, “There has never been redemption without the shedding of blood.”

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