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Stand-Alone: Yes

Publisher: Montlake

Publication Date: November 9, 2021


Three women form an unbreakable bond in a sexy, suspenseful, and adventurous novel about empowerment and sisterhood through thick and thin.

Venus McGee, Draya Carter, and Jackie Benson are coworkers with a lot in common. They’re smart, independent, driven, and deserving of recognition—certainly more than they’ve been handed by a demoralizing boss. He’s the topic of conversation at their impromptu get-together after the company holiday party, where the threesome fantasizes about a life without him. There has to be an alternative to taking a deep breath and sucking it up. There is. It’s just not the one they expected.

When morning comes, Venus, Draya, and Jackie are blindsided by murder—a twist of fate that brings a startling new challenge to the table and forces them to navigate a hair-raising detour they never saw coming. For better and (unless they can help it) for worse, it’s going to turn their world upside down. What starts as a necessary bond of mutual trust soon morphs into an empowering and galvanizing friendship that Venus, Draya, and Jackie need now more than ever.



Can the Power of the Tongue be illustrative of this witty and intriguing tale of friendships, workplace drama, and suspense? There are moments when you are laughing and others you are so caught up trying to figure out...Who Did It?!

Venus, Draya, and Jackie, co-workers in the same company, but on the surface, couldn't be more different, but they bond under the common dislike for their boss. After their boss turns up dead, their happy hour vent sessions begin to look more like alibi planning sessions.

The After Party has a suspenseful plot, well-developed characters, and a glimpse of what it's like for women breaking stereotypical barriers in corporate America. I enjoyed the sisterhood formed between these ladies. In the end, a lifelong sisterhood celebrated the empowerment and healing they each needed.

I like this author's ability to step outside the box. Whether it's writing under AC Arthur or Lacey Baker, you get a story that you will enjoy. I can now add The After Party to that list.



Stella Rosa Red; might be found with two different labels on the bottles, but it will have the same great taste.

Stella Rosa Red is the dangerously delicious semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Luxury Collection red wine that will bring out your inner femme-fatale. Find her, embrace her.

Stella Rosa Red is a great wine to kick off the weekend or after a long day. This semi-sweet red has a lower alcohol content and is a little more on the sweet side. Fruity and jammy forward on the nose and the palate pick up hints of strawberry and plums.

It's been said this one will bring out your inner femme-fatale, fine her, and embrace her. Just one reason this is a compliment to The After Party, but the smooth and effervescent flavors make it easy to lose yourself in this bottle of wine. Both wine and book will give an enjoyable experience.


Asiago cheese, spicy cioppino, turkey burgers with onions, strawberry shortcake, mixed berries


The After Party

COST $13-15

This can be found a most local wine & spirits or grocery stores.

Whether you have them together or separately, do enjoy them. As always, sip responsibly.

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