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Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Coming in at # 8 is Cameo Rawlings taking center stage unapologetically himself, as Mr. Black of Richmond. Mr. Take Me As I Am.

Yes, this title has earned a 5-star rating, and here's why...This is the story of Cameo...yes Cameo Rawlings and Syndia James. He has come out of the shadows of LT Palmer and shared a little piece of himself. And now, we want more and we agreed to "Take You As You Are". We wouldn't have it any other way.




Mr. Take Me As I Am

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Siri Austin Entertainment LLC

Publication date ‏ : ‎ June 14, 2023

Genre: Romance Collections and Anthologies

Cameo Rawlings (Mr. Black Richmond)

He needs her…She wants him…What could go wrong?

Cameo Rawlings, the sexy new CEO of Palmer Innovations is determined to represent the city and The Mr. Black Organization with class. With his not-so-pristine past, it was imperative that he succeed in raising awareness of the rich Black culture of the city. He was going to need a polished look and a professional event planner to make the Juneteenth celebration a success. He knows who he needs, but…the last encounter with the woman was less than pleasant.

Syndia James wants the Manager of City Cultural Events position. As one of the city event planners, she needs something big to put her over the top. The Juneteenth celebration could be her ticket to the position of her dreams. Only, she had to work with Cameo Rawlings, with his Take Me As I Am or don’t take me at all attitude. Hell, she was going to have to forget that disastrous blind date and play nice to get what she wants.

Working together creates a sensuous atmosphere that neither knew existed. Cameo learns Syndia’s sassy, sophisticated way is the inspiration he needs. Syndia soon realizes Cameo’s arrogant, take-charge way is the love that she wants.

In the Baes of Juneteenth multi-author series, we invite you to journey to different cities to celebrate Juneteenth with the men of Mr. Black, an organization honoring Black love, Black culture, and Black history.


The Book & Booze is rated in the 5-Star category.

What comes from a blind date that ignites so much passion, then ends in a disaster, but is left with the magnetism that draws them back together. What we know about our Mr. Black representative; he is smooth with some swagger, is Palmer's Innovation's CEO, and is a loyal friend...Baabbyy, we find out there is a passionate and sensual side of him that will have you fanning yourself. So, grab your favorite beverage, maybe some chips or popcorn, and see where this journey leads.

Cameo has been nominated and selected to be Mr. Black representing the city of Richmond and in my opinion, couldn't have been a more deserving choice. He has grown up in this city and even when things haven't always been great for him, he has persevered through all the ups and down without letting it harden his heart.

He gives back in the form of mentorship so that the youth under his leadership is armed with resources that will prepare them for the world. He wasn't ready for this humbling nomination, but the people he goes hard for believe it is well overdue. Now this will require assistance from the very person he is unsure of...Syndia James.

Syndia James is good for Cameo, they come from different worlds, but the perfect person to give him what he didn't even know he was missing... in love and life. She wants to be the Manager of the City Cultural Event, he wants to have a successful Juneteenth celebration to bring Black cultural awareness to the community.

Juneteenth is about celebrating our freedom, but working together in various ways will help us keep it! This couple did a fantastic job of representing Richmond, where so much of this history originated. This story is worth the time, you will enjoy it and thank me later.


My Book & Booze Crew; here is a suggested drink pair: Uncle Nearest 1856.

Now you remember I said Cameo is smooth with some swagger, so the drink compliment the person drinking it. In celebrating Mr. Black of Richmond and the Juneteenth message, the Book Bar has selected "Uncle Nearest 1856" for its Books and Booze pair. The whiskey comes to us with a rich and smooth taste, that even if you don't consider yourself a whiskey drinker, you would enjoy.

Uncle Nearest has its own story full of historical nuggets making it a great addition to this Books & Booze Pair. Consider checking out the story behind Uncle Nearest, it is one that we can all celebrate. For more on what they have to offer, here is a link...

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