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Single AF

Series: No Stand-Alone: Yes Publication Date: March 23, 2019 Genre: Romantic Comedy AMAZON

Synopsis: SINGLE: Unmarried or not involved in a stable relationship.

MEEKA The pure term ‘being single’ makes me want to gag every time I hear it. To me, the worst part is the fact that you’re constantly reminded of your status. Like, do you really think I can forget I’m single? I’ve dated more Mr. Wrong’s than I can count, and now, the network that I work for wants me to share my messed-up dating history with the world. To make matters more humiliating, my arch nemesis — aka Mr. Missed Opportunity — has a front row seat to my walking, talking mistakes.

TONE To say working with Meeka on this assignment is bound to go badly, would be an understatement. We’ve never gotten along, and I have a good reason for staying clear. Everything about her screams … extra! So, of course when our network needs me to assist her with her project, I’m intrigued to hear what her exes have to say about their past relationship. Maybe I’ll get some insight into her character or validate my assumptions. Or unbeknownst to me, I might just find myself connecting with this loud, crazy woman more than I ever thought I would. They say don’t mix business with pleasure. Funny, I never liked that rule.

My Thoughts: 🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥

#MEEKARHYMES #WILDMEEKA #HISCRAZYMEEKA I wasn’t ready for this one😂😂! Single AF is a little different than what I am use to from the author. Let’s start with the fresh and unique cover, which drew me to the book and the story-line, well, let’s just say I was hooked from the first page.

I think we will agree this one was funny and entertaining, but on a series note, Meeka and Tone challenges us to look at relationships with fresh eyes. These are two characters that I am sure we can all identify with.

An added bonus was the man of #BlessedByMalakai

Single AF is a read that can be enjoyed by a varied audience.

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