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                                                      A Book Bar Review 🍷🍷🍷

This was our book club choice for February, a great choice for Black History month and celebration of love, family and community. In Born Colored “Life Before Bloody Sunday” the author documents some vital parts of our history.

Ms. Mitchell shares her memoirs giving us an inside view of what it was like for a little colored girl growing up in the south during a time of education inequalities, racism and segregation.  We see through her journey of how people, wisdom and events that was part of her life, shaped her into the adult she became.

What I liked most is how the author’s accounts reminded us of the simpler times in the mist of racial disparities and unfair treatments of people of color. There were a few times I had to check my own family tree because so many of the names were familiar.

While I found this one to switch back and forth between time periods, it didn’t take away from the informative points.

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