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A BOOK BAR Author Interview: Anissa Short

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The Book Bar had an opportunity to visit with Anissa Short and talk about her released titles.  These books give us insight on becoming our own boss.  While this may not be your typical title, I would recommend you check it out.  Keeping an open mind in our reading makes for interesting adventures.

I want to thank Anissa Short for granting me this interview and allowing me to share with the Book Bar VIPs.  I have a few questions for you that I am sure the Book Bar visitors would greatly enjoy.

Interview with Anissa Short, Author of “As for Me and My House”  and “The Vendor Blueprint”

Ice Breaker:

MAB: Tell us something we won’t read in your bio.  –

AS: I skipped the 11th grade in High School.  I literally went from the 10th grade the 12th and even in doing so was in the top 10% of my graduating class. 

MAB: Tell us about your upcoming release –

AS.: The book, The Vendor Blueprint, is a guide for small business owners, particularly home-based entrepreneurs with little to no experience with representing in the marketplace.  For those who are familiar with vending, it can be considered a resource in training others or as a refresher for themselves.

MAB:  What made you decide to write this book  –

AS: I have been self-employed for years.  Within my personal journey, I have mentored others in my respective industry.  Over time, others began to solicit my advice, especially when it came to hosting events inclusive of vendors or even serving as vendor.  That said, I saw first hand the frustrations that many business owners had with vending.  Many shared these frustrations with me and in a majority of the cases a business owner’s frustrations or perceived failures at vending stemmed from (a) misguided expectations and (b) a failure to represent more excellently.  When you don’t know what to do or why you are doing it, failure is almost inevitable.  I wanted to assist in changing that on a larger scale and that’s why this book was written. 

MAB:  Who is your biggest support and/or critic? –

AS: My biggest supporter is my husband, Alphonso.  He has always said that I “gave away” too much of my information and time and therefore, made suggestions that would allow me to continue helping others but in a more effective and efficient manner.   His advice was to either host workshops or write a book.  I elected to do both. 


MAB:  What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

AS: I love writing.  The idea of expressing myself through a medium that will give life to my voice long after I am no longer on this side of eternity is surreal. 

MAB:  What do you enjoy most about being an author?  And what’s the most challenging? –

AS: This is a very NEW experience for me. Working with my publishing mentor has been great.  The reality of doing something I have never done before is the biggest joy for me.   Learning new things gives me life! The challenge has been meeting the deadlines and balancing my new found joy with all the other hats that I wear.  

MAB:  What’s next for you?  –

AS: I have a few more books under my belt.  In addition, I will be hosting and/facilitating events that will serve my audience as well. Stay tuned. 

MAB: Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers? –

AS: Yes.  Please buy my book.  If not for you, share it with someone else especially if they are a small home-based business owner.  



Anissa Short is a native of Memphis, Tennessee and a current resident of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

As an image consultant, business coach and advocate for the home-based entrepreneur, she is gifted to serve in various capacities as #TheWorkFromHomeCEO. Her current endeavors include workshop facilitator, contributing writer for a local publication, podcast and internet radio host, best-selling author, and representing in a leadership role within the Direct Sales Industry.

As a home-based entrepreneur since 1999, Anissa has built an organization that includes a client base and team that spans several states. Since 2014, she has written articles for ARRAY magazine that not only spotlight other entrepreneurs but serve as an inspiration to anyone pursuing entrepreneurship. In 2019, she began serving as a radio talk show host of ARRAYdio, an internet-based radio variety magazine show that airs from the campus of Fayetteville State University (NC). Her podcast, #TheWorkFromHomeCEO is an extension of her platform that serves to educate, empower and encourage home-based small business entrepreneurs. It is also through this same platform that the foundation of her books were birthed. In 2019, her first book, “As for Me and My House”, an anthology, attained international best-selling status.

Prior to her current endeavors, Anissa worked in the fields of Customer Service, Banking and Finance and approximately twelve years with the Federal Government. While gainfully employed within each sector, she served as a leader in mentoring and training employees whether locally, state-wide or regionally. In addition to her professional endeavors, Anissa served as a Board Member of two non-profit organizations. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in the areas of Business and Administration.

Anissa has been happily married to Alphonso Short since 1998. In her spare time she enjoys reading and visits to the beach.


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