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Unwinding at the Book Bar: Spin the Block and Jam Jar Shiraz

Author Reese Ryan has told a unique second chance romance.

The Love & Music Suite


Publisher: Sinfully Sweet Publishing

Publication Date: ‎March 15, 2024

Genre: Rockstar & AA Romance

In SPIN THE BLOCK, we delve into a captivating new release that beautifully marries two enchanting themes: Love and Music. Reese Ryan's latest release is a unique take on the second chance romance, where two individuals are reunited in the backdrop of the vibrant music industry.

Karris Baker, a talented singer, and Wardell "Ward" Hughes, a popular DJ yearning to explore songwriting and producing, serve as the protagonists of this enticing story. Their past connection and the slow-burning reunion that unfolds is a delightful journey to witness.

At first, several questions might cloud your mind. Is Karris a diva? Did she ever mistreat Ward? Would Ward turn into a jerk? Were their feelings genuine during their fake dating stint? The myriad of questions only adds depth to their complex characters and keeps you hooked.

As the plot unravels, it becomes evident that both Karris and Ward are at similar crossroads in life. They are desperately trying to break free from the constraints of their professional lives and strive to become who they truly wish to be. Karris is battling her way out from the stereotypical image of a pop princess, while Ward aspires to expand his DJ career into songwriting and producing.

As their past sacrifices and challenges come to light, you get a closer look at their authentic selves and the journey that shaped them into who they are today. Great start to this series.


Jam Jar Shiraz presents itself as a delightful symphony of flavors, embodying the essence of comfort and indulgence in every sip.

On the palate, this wine delivers an impressive performance. Velvety smooth, yet with a robust body, it dances across the taste buds with flavors of dark cherries, blackcurrants, and a touch of mocha. The well-integrated tannins provide structure, while the vibrant acidity adds a lively rhythm, keeping the palate engaged from start to finish.

Jam Jar Shiraz paired with Spin The Block is a true crowd-pleaser, offering an emotionally charged story that explores themes of loyalty and bonds of friendship.

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