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A well-written book paired with a glass of fine wine can be an unparalleled experience, and Iris Bolling's "Closer To My Dreams" along with a glass of Grateful white wine is just that. The narrative journey of love, family, and compromise beautifully complements the bold, refreshing taste of this white wine. This pairing takes you on a literary and you won't soon forget.

Iris Bolling has an uncanny way of enticing your mind whether she is giving espionage, steamy romance, or a love story full of family drama. In any realm, she gives us a great story. One of her much-anticipated works, "Closer To My Dreams," which tells the love story of Jason Whitfield and Taylor Brooks, was released fittingly on Valentine's Day.

Jason and Taylor's journey to love hasn’t been an easy ride. The couple faced numerous obstacles, ranging from career challenges to family drama. However, their willingness to compromise and adapt to each other's worlds was truly inspiring. The evolution of their characters, their maturity, and their strength in the face of adversity is a testament to their love.

At its heart, "Closer To My Dreams" is a story about family, love, compromise, and support. It explores the challenges and joys of merging two families - the Whitfields and the Brooks. This might sound like a recipe for conflict, but surprisingly, they came together in harmony, adding another layer of depth to the narrative.

I enjoyed this read and it is my recommendation to any reader who likes a love story sprinkled with a bit of drama.


I just tasted an incredible white wine that I can't wait to share with you. It's called Grateful, and it's as unique as its name suggests. With a bold yet balanced flavor profile, this white wine perfectly combines acidity and sweetness, offering a crisp, refreshing taste that will delight your palate. Imagine sipping on a wine that offers hints of citrus, pear, and green apple aromas. Sounds amazing, right?

Just as the story is a blend of emotions, the wine is a blend of several grapes, most notably Gewurztraminer and Riesling making the pairing symbolic. The name of the wine, 'Grateful', signifies the couple's opportunity to overcome their obstacles and finally be together. The characteristics of the Riesling, with its high acidity and lower alcohol levels, represent the roadblocks faced by the couple. The Gewürztraminer, in contrast, has lower acidity but higher alcohol content, symbolizing the couple's triumphant victory over their challenges.

Together, "Closer To My Dreams" and Grateful white wine offer an experience that's both enlightening and enjoyable. Although they can each be appreciated on their own, the combined experience is truly incomparable. So, go ahead and immerse yourself in this love story, and let the taste of Grateful enhance your reading experience.

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