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STAY TUNED…Over the next few weeks leading up to the BE Block Club Party Event, I will be posting Book Blitz for each author and snippets of what inspired the event.  For now check out this trailer to get familiar with the town.😉

Introducing the Distinguished Gentlemen series!

Welcome to Southlake Park, the fictional Chicago neighborhood and the place that will serve as the theme for Book Euphoria’s 2019 Weekend Block Party. Once the heart of Chicago, Southlake Park is in major need of restoration and no one knows that better than Mama Peaches.

Mama Peaches is known as the “Mama of Chicago.” Everyone knows her and to know her is to love her. To continue the initiative that her late husband started, Mama Peaches decides to lead the Southlake Park, IL restoration project to rebuild the community.

When Mama Peaches learns that there isn’t enough funding to save the community she loves, she comes up with the best idea BUT it requires calling in a few favors. To save Southlake Park, this mother of the city has a bone to pick with the men she babysat or fostered in the past.

Chicago made them who they are… The good. The bad. The ugly. Now, it’s time for these eligible bachelors to pay it forward by participating in the Southlake Park Bachelor Auction. All proceeds will go to rebuilding the community that raised them!

In this anthology, we bring you 14 eligible bachelors in an amazing 14 book series by 14 talented authors!

We are excited to introduce you to the ladies who inspired the series… Mama Peaches and her partner in crime, Geraldine!

To learn more about the series or event, please visit:

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