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Series: Crescent Pass #1

Author: Allie Winters

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: Nov. 16, 2022

Available from: Amazon


- Owen - Harper Calloway is the one who got away.

Gorgeous. Vivacious. Witty. Everything my introverted self could never be. And though that single night five years ago is all I had with her, there’s no forgetting the girl who steals your heart.

So when the woman in question shows up on my doorstep demanding an annulment for a drunken Vegas wedding I don’t fully remember, it seems like a sign. A second chance to make good on that connection I’ve never felt with anyone else.

Except she doesn’t have any interest in reconnecting, even as things between us heat up the longer she stays in town. What will it take to convince her I want forever?

- Harper - Owen Taylor is not who I expected. Protective. Thoughtful. Humble. And the sexy lumberjack vibe he’s got going on? Who knew I was such a sucker for that?

I didn’t come to Crescent Pass to start anything up. My life is in Chicago, not the forests of the Pacific Northwest. But the longer I stay here waiting for an annulment, the harder it is to resist this rugged mountain man who shows me for the first time what it’s like to be understood. Cherished. Worshipped.

We both knew from the beginning this couldn’t last. So why has he gone and stolen my heart?


About the Author

Allie is the author of the Lessons Learned series, the Bishop Brothers series, and the Suncoast University series. She lives in sunny Florida with her husband, daughter, and two cats.

A librarian by day, she spends her nights writing happily ever afters

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