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A Book Bar Review

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Once again Iris Bolling has proven to be a great wordsmith and a master of connecting stories.


Alexis Harrison is the first cousin to Attorney General JD Harrison. The Harrison name comes with high expectations due to it being a family of overachievers. When her parents sent her away to college, their expectations were her returning with a degree and all the bragging to go along with it. After a few encounters with a charming athlete, she returned home with many things, but a degree wasn’t one of them. Her life has been an UNBELIEVABLE and INCONCEIVABLE chain of events…just when she believes she’s landed on solid footing, damn if it doesn’t happen again…..this time she comes out swinging!

Now Alexis and BJ find themselves caught in a social media frenzy that leads them to the LURE of love.





It’s clear in “LURE of Love”; the author is using all available arsenal in bringing the “Heart Series” to its heartfelt conclusion. This story features Alexis Harrison, who you may remember from early in the Heart series and Brandon Jamison.

This story released at the perfect time, while reminiscing on all our favorite memories, we enjoy getting to know more about the Harrison family and friends. Surprisingly, no one died but she didn’t skimp on giving us all the things we’ve come to love, a variety of Drama, family, villains, and a great romance with two perfectly matched characters.

Another great read!

stella pink


Stella Rosa Pink was my chosen sip for this book.  It was easy to recognize the hints of floral and strawberry notes that make up this flirty treat.

For an Iris Bolling book, I would normally look for something a little bolder in color and flavor, but this one was on tap for the day.  Just like the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover, I stand corrected with my choice.  Don’t let the blush coloring derail you, once this treat hits your mouth it gives quite the explosion.

I would recommend this one for your favorite book chat, baby shower, or just chilling.

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