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Publisher: Rose Gold Press LLC

Publication Date: September 28, 2021

Genre: Black & African American Romance

If the feelings come back, is it possible they never left?

When Jorie Kemp set out to put her design company on the national level by entering a contest to be on a flipping houses reality show, she had no idea she’d end up working with her ex-high school sweetheart, Dominic Hughes. Let alone falling for his precious son.

Baby mama drama, coupled with catastrophes on the project, makes the rekindled passion between Jorie and Dom seem like the worst idea ever. Yet, for these old flames, something just keeps reigniting the fire and pulling them back to love.



This story was as much about Jorie and Dominic repairing their relationship as it was the house.

Jorie Kemp has had many heartbreaks, but one thing she can celebrate is building her own design company. She is ready to move JK Designs to the next level and enters into a reality show contest. She is hoping for this win to gain exposure on a national level. There is no room for error, so having the construction company pulling out would cause problems of epic proportions.

Dominic Hughes is back in town to fill in for a job and to break the family curse of deadbeat dads. He needs to prove that he is better than the fathers before him. He has a lot going on and, his plate is full. Trying to juggle a new job site, baby momma drama, building a relationship with his son, and coming face to face with Jorie...might be the most difficult of them all.

Love, when it's meant to be, there is no denying it. If you enjoy a second chance romance, I recommend Jorie and Dom's journey. Back to Love was a great read, and I enjoyed the characters and storyline. I think Aiden stood out the most, and I would love to see what happens with him.


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