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A Book Bar Review – Coffee Club Mysteries

A Book Bar Review: ☕☕☕

“Given enough coffee you can rule the world”

I found this to be a great choice for a weekend read or anything to take your mind away from all the stresses of adulthood.  It was filled with all things I enjoy; book club, fellowship with friends, coffee, mystery and small-town vibe.

In The Coffee Club Mysteries, you get a collection of six short stores told from a different voice of the different authors.  One book with six different stories:

Coffee, Tea or Murder by Cynthia Hickey The Honey Hive Mystery by Dana Mentink Chili Con Carne Murder by Candice Prentice Nuts for Coffee by Darlene Franklin In Hot Water by Elizabeth Ludwig Nutty as a Fruitcake by Janice Thompson

After reading them all, they appeared to be a little predictable, but it didn’t stop you from having a good time with each case.

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