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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Dreaming of Love Series is as much about Forgiveness, Redemption, and the Power of Prayer as it is about Love. What you will get in these two stories are nuggets that we might need to reflect on in our own lives.

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Dreaming of Love Series: Book One

Publisher: Praise Unlimited

Publication Date: May 27, 2021

Genre: Black & AA Christian Fiction

Leah Davison has made some serious mistakes, but she refuses to give up as she tries to put her life back together. But the secret she discovers about her preacher father, coupled with the abuse she suffered from a man she dated shatters her faith in family, men, and God. Leah doesn’t know who to trust or where to turn. Reconnecting with Cory Parker, an old church friend, proves to be a blessing that saves her life, but can Leah trust Cory with her heart?

Cory Parker can't afford any distractions. He's staking his entire career on an IPO that must go off without any more glitches...but he can't stop thinking about Leah and the fear he saw in her eyes. He'd give up everything to protect her; he'd walk through fire for the chance to love her.

During the most horrific time of her life, Leah must find a way to trust in God’s ability to protect her. With help from a praying family and a man who shows her love in action, Leah begins to believe that dreams really do come true.

Dream Come True is a reprint of Heaven Sent. However, this book has 70% new content, book discussion question, and book club kit.



Dream Come True is the first installment of the Dream of Love Series. It is a journey experienced through the eyes of Leah Davidson. There is something to be said about this Davidson clan, perfect they are not, but one thing for sure is their understanding of the power of prayer. Through all the traumas, betrayals, secret revelations,

the family loves, forgives, and stands on God's word to get through it all.

When Leah decides to open Pandora's box and reveals family secrets, lies of sexual assault, and interferes in her brother's marriage, she almost destroys the Davidson name and the church as well as an attempt on her brother's life. As a result of inciting this scandal, she finds herself excluded from the family.

Cory is at the top of his game and can't afford any distractions. Just as he is about to close the biggest deal to date, something happens to threaten it all. With all the other tasks he is juggling right now, there isn't room for anything else on his plate. He needs an Event Planner, and Leah is recommended to plan this high-profile engagement party, but will old feeling surface and Leah's past ruined it all for them both?

What I like most about Dream Come True is how the author infuses life situations, bad judgments, and mistakes with prayers that show examples of God turning messes into miracles. The many nuggets that if highlight that we might need to reflect on in our own lives.

If you enjoy reading romance sprinkled with a bit of spiritual reflection, I recommend trying this treasure.


Dreaming of Love Series: Book Two

Publisher: Praise Unlimited

Publication Date: June 15, 2021

Genre: Black & AA Christian Fiction

Growing up, Tamara Davison felt like a princess in the empire of her father's megachurch ministry. She never wanted for anything, and in her eyes, life was pretty near perfect. It wasn’t until her NFL bound boyfriend broke her heart and sobering truth about her father's past was revealed that Tamara began to wonder about the perfect life she thought she had.

Jonathan Hartman loved Tamara Davison the moment he met her. Jonathan was brought up by a single mom who struggled to make ends meet. He had to work two jobs in college, but it all paid off. Now he is successful and rich beyond anything he ever imagined possible for a kid that came up the hard way like he did. It had been ten years since Tamara ran after a pro-baller rather than give Jonathan’s love a chance. Tamara is back in his life now and Jonathan must find a way to convince her that true love feels so much better than any fairytale she could ever dream up.

Once Upon A Dream is a reprint of Heaven On Earth with 25% new content, book discussion questions, and a book club kit.


Tamara had this picture-perfect vision of her father. In her eyes, he checks off all the boxes of being almost perfect. When she finds out he had a fall from grace moment, the rose-colored glasses come off, and her world spins. Disappointed with the men she looked up to and the failed relationships with pro-ballers changed her view of all men. Because of her anger and inability to have an adult conversation to find out the specifics, she closes up, runs, and separates from her family.

I love Jonathan's character... "Troubled Man" is his theme song and is based on his humbled beginnings. Growing up rejected by his father and watching his mother struggle was enough determination for Jonathan to make something of himself. In exchange for answered prayers, he vows to help those in need. His dedication to helping others is just one of his endearing qualities.

This couple's journey to happiness wasn't easy and longsuffering to say the least. It was clear that God wasn't done with them yet. What I liked most was about Once Upon A Dream was the unique family dynamic, strong bonds, and unconditional love of their parents.

The author did a good job of crafting realistic situations and applying scripture and prayer to help the characters navigate through their struggles. If you enjoy reading romance sprinkled with a bit of spiritual reflection, I recommend trying this treasure.


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