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I had the pleasure of reading Exquisitely Broken and Exquisitely Hidden in one setting. It was evident that the author had her finger on the pulse in regards to these characters and their story. After taking it all in, I felt like reversing the titles was more befitting. Both of these stories offered characters that are mostly mentally and emotionally broken and their journey to repair and acceptance. I enjoyed both titles and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a story that will not leave you empty.

Stand-Alone: No

Publication Date: June 11, 2019

Genre: Multicultural Romance

Heat Level: Steamy

What happens in Vegas…

Sinclair James wasn’t from my world.

She didn’t have my pedigree or family money.

She was everything I never wanted,

Everything I now realize I needed.

I loved her for six years, her soul, her body, her music.

Until I threw it all away.

One decision changed everything.

One decision destroyed what we had.

She slipped from my life as quietly as she had stolen my heart

But now she’s back.

Sinclair is mine, she just doesn’t know it yet.

This time I’m not letting her go.

So, what happens in Vegas…?

A second chance to repair what was broken.

My Thoughts.........

Exquisitely Broken gives us first the history of Sinclair and Adam, these two meet and connect in a group home after losing their mothers to the streets. As the story progress, you get a glimpse of Adam's character as a fierce protector of those he loves.

Music was her passion Sinclair offered as a way to escape and was ultimately their ticket out of a bad situation. Making an effort to live with some normalcy, Sinclair met and allowed Jake into her life and heart. The chemistry was there, but was it enough? Things took a sharp turn when Sin's music gain recognition. Unable to share the spotlight, their actions and decisions made it difficult for their relationship to recover.

Four years of unfinished business makes for a boiling pot. Add the mixture of business, pleasure, and then sprinkle in social media and cell phone cameras you get a PR disaster.

"The Hotel" has just the person to clean this up, but will Jake and Sinclair ready to change the bandage on a four-year-old wound?

The author did a great job with this story. It's well written with well-developed characters even in their dysfunction. It tackles dealing with adversity, forgiveness, abuse (mental and physical), infidelity, heartbreak, and a second chance at love.

A page-turner!! Once you turn the first page, it will be hard to do much else.


Stand-Alone: No

Publication Date: November 26, 2019

Genre: Multicultural Romance, MM Romance

Heat Level: Steamy

What Happens in Vegas…?

As front man for the band everyone’s eyes are on me.

I bask in the spotlight

But only because it hides the flaws.

Everyone has secrets.

Mine will ruin everything I’ve built.

My career, my music, my life…

But keeping this secret?

It’s breaking my heart.

I knew how we would end before we started

And still I can’t resist him.

Not everyone will understand.

But I do.

It’s simple.

Seth Cody is everything I need when I thought I had it all.

So, what happens in Vegas…?

Secrets are revealed.

My Thoughts.........

Whew!!!! Exquisitely Hidden is one of those stories that will stay with you long after you've read the last word. It took me a minute to write this review after absorbing all the emotions in this one.

Again the author did a fantastic job of connecting these two stories. The reader will have no problems following the scenes and characters between the two titles.

Now, to the storyline, we get more in-depth with Adam and Seth. We find out in Exquisitely Broken that Seth, Sin's security detail is a man living his life unapologetically him. He neither flaunts nor hides his sexuality, but he is clear about what he will and won't accept in a relationship. Adam has resolved the fact he will not be able to be his true self being in the spotlight as the lead guitarist and face of "Sin City. " He carries the weight of the band and its members/family and is careful not to do anything to bring negativity to them. He feels it will be a threat acceptance if he comes out.

It is when he meets and interacts with Seth, every imprint he had for his life was suddenly unclear. He learns that Seth is the real deal, not a fling to hit and walk away. He will need to take a look in the mirror, deciding to grab the love and relationship being offered or end up alone, miserable, and being on the sideline watching what he could have.

This storyline is not something I usually gravitate to, but I am glad I decided to give it a chance. A great story will evoke emotions, make you see and understand a subject matter, keep you engaged, and have you wanting to discuss with anyone that will listen. Exquisitely Hidden is one of those stories.

Great Read!!!


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