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Reading this was like taking a journey without leaving home...



PUBLISHER: ‎ Entangled: Amara

PUBLICATION DATE: ‎ May 24, 2022

GENRE: Multicultural Romance/Interracial


When Natalie Malone arrives in Italy with a detailed spreadsheet, an ancient-looking key, and the deed to her “new” house, she can’t wait to start her renovation. At the reasonable price of €1, she bought her abandoned villa on the Amalfi Coast for a steal. Now, she’s on the hook to restore the crumbling estate within six months.

Easier said than done with grumpy architect Pietro Indelicato working to dismantle the town’s redevelopment program. When it comes to foreigners and restorations, he does not approve. His first impression of Natalie confirms his every unflattering notion, and he all but tells her to quit.

He may not be wrong. She’s in over her head and going it alone. At least they agree on her duty to preserve the villa’s history. As time passes, he can’t decide which he wants more: to help her or to kiss her. In the end, he decides to do both.



It Takes a Villa check all the boxes for a must-read. This one gives you the feeling of traveling without leaving home.

The author did a fantastic job engaging the reader until the last page. The storyline was so realistic and enlightening, with the vivid imagery, political meetings, and the cast of characters all add to moving the story along.

Natalie risked it all for $1, a dream and vision of a property in need of TLC. Even though the odds were against her, she was determined not to fail. The care and passion are what drew Pietro to offer a helping hand. As they worked beside each other, I could see the finished project come to light.

I enjoyed how the author took care of showing us the details of the steps in each of the project's issues and progress. It was interesting to hear the different perspectives of Pietro and his father about the goals of the town's restoration projects and the obstacles those in the program faced.

The lessons in lemons and the Idelicato men's traditions were uniquely endearing and offered a love story within itself.

A Fantasy Travel Review:

I was delighted to get an invite for the dry run

opening of Pensione Malone. I found the stay

delightful and the view of Pensione Malone and

all its soundings breathtaking. It offered a

variety of great amenities making the visit feel

like a home away from home.

The accommodations were clean, comfortable and

decorated with a sense of serenity that made for

peaceful relaxation.

If you get the opportunity to venture into the

surrounding areas of Zavona, stop by some of the

local shops, and other newly renovated properties.

A must on your to-do list is a tour of the Indelicato

Lemon Farm.

I hope to make the visit again.

I highly recommend this one for your reading pleasure. It is more than just an enjoyable read; it is a wonderful experience.


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