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There are so many things to love about this collaborative series. Each book is written by a different author or team of authors and it brings their unique flavor to the series. You will find that each storyline is built and in sync with the others.

Between "The Kings of the Castle" and "The Knights of the Castle" this family is growing. Each Knight is carefully selected and vetted by the Kings. They bring something special to the table and mentored by the best of the best.

Stand-Alone: Yes

Series: Knights of the Castle

Book: Four

Publisher: Macro Publishing Group

Publication Date: September 8, 2020

Genre: Multicultural & Paranormal Romance

He's the kingdom’s most eligible bachelor. She’s a practical woman on a temporary assignment.

When surgical nurse, Blair Swanson, departed the American Midwest for an assignment in the Kingdom of Durabia she had no intention of finding love.

As a member of the royal family, Crown Prince Hassan has a responsibility to the throne. A loveless, arranged marriage is his duty, but the courageous American nurse is his desire.

When a dark secret threatens everything Hassan holds dear, how will he fulfill his royal duty and save the lady who holds his heart?


J.S. Cole debuts her work in "The Lady of Jeffrey Manor" as part of The Knights of the Castle, a collaboration of multicultural romances. One of the reasons this story was so exciting to read was this heroine being the major highlight. Before now, the series focused mostly on the alpha males...Kings and Knights. Now don't get me wrong, the men are front and center getting things done. They are all about their business protecting American soil and abroad. The women standing beside these men are a force to be reckoned with.

Blair leads the charge in this story as a surgical nurse. There is no hesitation in taking this assignment in Durabia. It's the perfect opportunity to put some distance between the drama in the states with family and a deadbeat ex-husband.

Their virtual communications begin Hassan and Blair's budding attraction, and when they finally meet, the chemistry is more than either of them can ignore. When she settles in at work, her take-charge attitude and skillset land her in another wave of drama. The attention of a specific Durabian Royal does not go unnoticed as it adds fuel to the fire.

It's apparent to all the interest he has taken with Blair, an American woman. His father takes an issue with this and forbids him to have any dealings with her. Being groomed for an arranged marriage meant he would have a loveless and resentful life. When another option presents itself, the choice to have a relationship with love or just a union of tradition, the decision was easy to make. He defies his father by not only refusing an arranged marriage and multiple women but commits himself to one wife, an American wife. The heart wants what the heart wants, and just like that, another broken tradition.

I enjoyed the Lady of Jeffrey Manor. It was a great addition to the series.


Stand-Alone: Yes

Series: Knights of the Castle

Book: Five

Publisher: Macro Publishing Group

Publication Date: September 22, 2020

Genre: Multicultural & Paranormal Romance

Rahm did time for a crime he didn’t commit. Now that he’s free, taking care of the three women who supported him on a hellish journey is his priority, but old enemies are waiting in the shadows.

Rahm Fosten’s dream life as a Knight of the Castle includes Marilyn Spears, who quiets the injustice of his rough past, but in his absence, a new foe has infiltrated his family.

Marilyn Spears waited for many years to have someone like Rahm in her life. Now that he’s home, an unexpected twist threatens to rip him away again. As much as she loves him, she’s not willing to go where this new drama may lead.

Meanwhile, Rahm’s gift to his Aunt Alyssa brings her to Durabia, where she catches the attention of a wealthy surgeon, Ahmad Maharaj. Her attendance at a private Bliss event puts her under his watchful eye, but also in the crosshairs of the worst kind of enemy. Definitely the wrong timing for the rest of the challenges Rahm is facing.

While Rahm and Marilyn navigate their romance, a deadly threat has him and the Kings of the Castle primed to keep Marilyn, Alyssa, and his family from falling prey to an adversary out for bloody revenge.

DON'T MISS the hot new standalone series, Knights of the Castle. The Kings of the Castle made them family, but the Knights will transform the world.


The Knights of the Castle continues with Knights of Grand Crossing. In this installment, we get a dual storyline. We dive into the world of Rahm "Hiram" Fosten and Ahmad Maharaj.

We meet Rahm Fosten in King of Devon where he was instrumental in helping uncover the lies that brought a scandal to the Healing Center run by one of the Kings, Jaidev Maharaj. Jai gives a second chance to Rahm "Hiram" Fosten and a few other young men by hiring them after some brush with the known as the Knights of the Castle.

We learn of his backstory of what led to his incarceration and later becoming the Knight of Grand Crossing. When opportunities open in Durabia, without hesitation, he moves in hopes of a fresh start. He talks to his aunt Alyssa, who was his biggest supporter while locked up, to come for a visit, intent on convincing her to stay. It was difficult for Rahm to celebrate his new ventures with unfinished business back home. The plans to relocate his ailing mother met with resistance from his brother, who was hell-bent on throwing any blocks to keep his brother from having his happiness. Greed and jealousy play a big part in their relationship. By the time he realizes what a real brotherhood bond can accomplish, it left him holding a bag of karma. Then it was Marilyn, the love of his life refused to follow him to Durabia and make everything official.

Alyssa came to Durabia with hopes of overcoming some life tragedies, self-care, and becoming whole. Love was not on the agenda, but it would seem fate had other plans. While taking in the scenery, she encounters a little boy who captures her attention. Unbeknownst to her, he would bring the answer to an unstated prayer.

Taken by the way his son interacts with this stranger, Ahmad had to know more about her. When in her presence, he understands what his son must feel, as the chemistry between them is too overwhelming not to pursue.

You will want to grab this one for all the drama-packed that came with this spoilers here.

What I enjoyed most was how the authors engaged you in both storylines without one overpowering the other.

I recommend the entire series for your reading pleasure.


Stand-Alone: Yes

Series: Knights of the Castle

Book: Six

Publisher: Macro Publishing Group

Publication Date: October 6, 2020

Genre: Multicultural & Paranormal Romance

Someone is killing women and the villain’s next target strikes too close to the Kingdom of Durabia.

Dorian “Ryan” Bostwick is a protector and he’s one of the best in the business. When a King of the Castle assigns him to find his former lover, Aziza, he stumbles upon a deadly underworld operating close to the Durabian border.

Aziza Hampton had just rekindled her love affair with Ryan when a night out with friends ends in her kidnapping. Alone and scared, she must find a way to escape her captor and reunite with her lover.

In a race against time, Ryan and the Kings of the Castle follow ominous clues into the underbelly of a system designed to take advantage of the vulnerable. Failure isn’t an option and Ryan will rain down hell on earth to save the woman of his heart.


Releasing #6 of Knights of the Castle, J.L. Campbell gives us suspenseful romance that deals with a sensitive issue, whether you are aware or not, is a real issue for us all.

Aziza Hampton and Dorian “Ryan” Bostwick has just spent quality time on Paradise Island, where they rekindled their love for each other. Aziza is feeling positive as she takes a temporary assignment aboard. While out with friends, she finds herself abducted as part of a trafficking scheme.

Pass training makes Ryan one of the best protectors. When he gets a call from the Castle with an assignment, he finds this one hits too close to home and might be his most dangerous of all. He is racing against time to find Aziza before it too late.

As the story unfolds, you see how powerful and strategic the Kings and Knights are and how well they seamlessly operate between the two countries. That is what I like most about this entire series. I also like how this author always manages to share a part of her home with us through her words and stories.

If suspense, action, and romance are what you like, this is one you will enjoy.

Book 1 - King of Durabia


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