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What happens when the dead starts communicating on a different frequency?!!




Publication Date: September 10, 2021

Genre: Children Thriller, Horror

The Scream Teens are hired to raise the dead as the necro-tainment for a zombie cruise, and the eighteen-year-old animator, Cozy Coleman, is bitten by a shapeshifting she-wolf. To Cozy's surprise, she survives and with the aid of her friends, helps the government stop a human-extinction virus from spreading. Unfortunately, Cozy uncovers a secret so haunting, that her death is only the beginning of her problems.


Thoughts from MidnightAce Book Bar...

I wasn't sure what to expect from this read, zombies are not something that I find myself drawn to, but I found Lipstick Asylum entertaining.

It starts with a zombie cruise, and as it set sail, you settle in for some necro-tainment with Cozy Coleman and The Scream Teens. It's showtime at the Lipstick Zombies, the bar hosting the entertainment. The bar's featured show: the rising of the dead. Now, if that isn't enough to hook you, the twisted turn of events will. Nothing is as it seems, and a simple gig for Cozy and her crew turns into a save the world mission.

This author takes you on an adventure in a world that for a moment may have you questioning where the fiction and reality lines are. The characters are memorable and bring life and vivid imagery to the storyline.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good horror thriller and especially those Walking Dead fans. I couldn't help but wonder if we will see more of Cozy Coleman.


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