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It was a tragedy that separated them. Will it take one to bring them back together?


The Moonlight Ridge Trilogy is a Harlequin Desire collaboration featuring 3 individuals stories written by Joss Wood, Karen Booth, and Reese Ryan. These ladies do a great job of seamlessly connecting each storyline, pulling the reader in, and engaging them with the scenic visuals and well-developed characters.

When we see a Harlequin title, we expect to have a romance with some conflict and HEA, and before you get up in arms, I assure you that it is in each of the titles. After reading this trilogy, the romance took a back seat to the Holloway's unique family dynamic (Mack, Grey, and Travis* are all adoptive brothers)

There are so many things that can make up a family unit, and more often than not, it isn't DNA. Jamison Holloway is the patriarch of this clan. A man with a big heart and a desire to have a family to extend its legacy. Most family generations are left to deal with past deception, secrets, neglect, abuse, trauma, and distrust. The Holloways were torn apart by a tragedy that took place over a decade ago. Will it be a tragedy that makes them whole again? It was something about Moonlight Ridge that brought about healing.

Each story has elements of family and second chance romances that were heartfelt and heartwarming at the same time.



Publisher: Harlequin Desire; Original edition

Publication Date: July 27, 2021

Genre: Multicultural Romance

These ex-lovers are enemies hiding secrets that could change everything…in this explosive Moonlight Ridge romance by Joss Wood.

“You’re the one who left, remember?”


Homecoming Heartbreaker is the journey of Mack Holloway and Molly Haskell. They have a history that didn't end well. Mack left Moonlight Ridge without notice and never said goodbye or an explanation for the abrupt move. Molly is left hurt, confused, and without the protection of Holloways, particularly Mack. She comes from a family full of abusers, liars, and thieves, and they have been blackmailing her for years to fund their habits. Now, all grown up and the manager at Moonridge where she always found solace, but that is threatened by a secret that could separate her from the only place she finds peace, purpose, and love? Jamison has taken ill and will need his sons to come back to keep the resort running. Mack is back to fulfill his obligation to the family legacy. Upon his return not only does he have to deal with unfinished business with Molly, but this will also be the first time being in over a decade he will be in the same space with his brothers. Diving into the daily workflow should be an easy task until he uncovers questionable transactions. Now, will everyone be under the microscope? Does this include Molly? How will they be able to handle the attraction that has laid dormant and the unsettling business at hand? All this will be revealed once you read the book. This is a great intro to this series, and I can’t wait to dive into the others.






Publisher: Harlequin Desire; Original edition

Publication Date: August 24, 2021

Genre: Family Saga/ Billionaire Romance

Can an unlucky-in-love wedding planner convince a grumpy billionaire that love is real and save her job? Find out in this Moonlight Ridge novel by Karen Booth!

“You could use a lesson in giving in to temptation.”

But who’s Autumn Kincaid to talk to? Her reputation as a wedding planner is on the line after she’s left at the altar. So is her job at Moonlight Ridge—unless she proves herself to grumpy Grey Holloway, whose family owns the resort. Grey doesn’t even believe in true love. She has to convince him romance is real, that all he needs is to give in to the heat threatening to burn them both. Maybe this time Autumn will get her own happily-ever-after…or is this just another best-laid plan?

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.


Best Laid Wedding Plans is the second installment of the series featuring Grey Holloway and Autumn Kincaid. It is not always peaches and cream being in the spotlight or the shadows of a prominent family. And, while this is true for them both, it is Autumn's shadows forcing her to operate under the radar. Her goal is to become a successful wedding planner and not bring shame to the Moonlight Ridge Resort. With every position and service provided to the resort comes under scrutiny, things become a little tense when Autumn must convince the Holloway men that having a wedding planner on-site can provide a premium service to the resort. But will her past scandal and the Kincaid name be her ultimate downfall, ruining not only her reputation but that of the resort?

When it comes to business Grey Holloway, does not believe in gray areas, but when it comes to the resort, he is there to make sure everything is running smoothly and hopes of restoring their once-close family bond. When a meeting with his brother alerts him that something is not quite right, everyone is under a microscope. His first order of business is to shadow the on-site wedding planner. He found it amusing that even after herself, being left at the altar, is determined to convince him of the joys of falling in love, wedding, marriage, and the importance of the intricate details of the planning. Can Autumn convince Greg that romance is real, or will all her efforts be ignored? After all, he is there on a mission, not fall in love.

The Holloway brothers have a lot on their plate, a thief is in the midst, the uncertainty of many jobs, and a family legacy threatened. Will they be able to solve this before it is too late? Will they be able to control the narrative of a scandal and keep the Kincaid name from pulling them down the drain with it? Will saving the resort help in healing and falling in love? Grab your copy of this book to see how this couple's journey ends.






Publisher: Harlequin Desire; Original edition

Publication Date: September 28, 2021

Genre: Black/AA Romance

She’s proposing a convenient marriage to the man she can’t resist. What can go wrong? Find out in this conclusion to the Moonlight Ridge trilogy from Reese Ryan.

She needs a husband…fast. Could her former flame be perfect for the job?

To claim her inheritance, philanthropist Riley George needs to tie the knot—now! Desperate times call for desperate measures, so she turns to Travis Holloway—the celebrity chef catering her gala and her ex-lover. Can she make him an offer he can’t refuse without giving in to an attraction she can’t deny?

If Travis can keep things strictly business, he’ll save his family’s luxury resort. But it’s never been about business with Riley, only pleasure. And this agreement on paper is about to tempt them into reckoning with the past…

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.


Just a Little Married brings this series its conclusion, and a few revelations that will have you on the edge of your seat. If you started with the first book in this series, you know that a tragedy pulled this family apart, with a series of events and things/people responsible and it was Travis left most affected by this.

This is the journey of Travis Holloway, celebrity chef, and Riley George, Philanthropist and it invites us to entertain a marriage of convenience. High-powered celebrity figures do it all the time, what could go wrong, right?

Riley's father kept his finger on the pulse whenever it had anything to do with his daughter, including who she dated. She is in a race against the clock to claim her inheritance and have her independence. There is just one thing she needs...Husband! She is desperate and is willing to pay any price tag, or is she? It is a scheduling conflict with the chef to cater her upcoming gala and him bringing in her ex as the replacement muddies the waters. Now, she is forced to face the past and with no other options.

Travis Holloway is back in town to manage the upkeep and running the resort until their father is back on his feet. He is aware of the issues with the family business and is ready to jump in to work through them. His mentor reaches out for him to fill in to cater the gala for Riley. Once he realizes who he would be working with, he is not happy about being blindsided. They come to terms with a mutually beneficial agreement, but will it remain a business-only agreement? Just a little married is more than a marriage of convenience, just when you think all is well, Reese Ryan throws in unexpected twists and some messy drama that could have everything come crumbling down. I encourage you to grab a copy you will enjoy Travis and Riley's journey and you will not want to miss the epic reveals in this last installment.

Each book can be read separately, but I recommend reading all of them and in order to get to a full visual of the trilogy. You will enjoy each couple's journey and thank me later.

Love triumphs in these uplifting romances, part of the Moonlight Ridge series:




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