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Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Grab your passports and boarding passes, we are headed on an adventure aboard!!! We are headed back for another visit to The Kingdom of Bagumi.


The Kingdom of Bagumi is one of the last intact African monarch states. Treaties and alliances over several centuries have ensured their continued dominance in the region.

Each generation of the powerful and proud Royal House of Saene is bound by loyalty to their family and duty to protecting their nation.

However, soon, long-trusted traditions come under attack and change becomes inevitable, especially when love clashes with duty.

Here is a little about the Resolute Prince.

Royal House of Saene Book 5

Publisher: Love Africa Press

Publication Date: July 30, 2021

Genre: Black/African American Romance

As head of palace security, Prince Zareb Saene lives to protect the Royal House of Saene. Between his work and coaching competitive fencing, he has no time for relationships. That is until he meets the beautiful and headstrong Malika Ahvanti. She scales his carefully constructed walls and lands squarely in his heart. If only he could shake this unwarranted, illicit pull towards her younger brother, the new fencing protégé that he’s been charged with training.

Malika dreams of becoming an Olympic gold medalist and is determined to succeed. Training with the Lion of Bagumi is her only chance, but after past deceptions, he refuses to coach females. Getting what she wants comes at an uncomfortable price. With great risk, she presents herself as a young man with promising skill. The guilt of lying compounded by her undeniable desire for Zareb puts her future in jeopardy and her heart in danger.



The Resolute Prince is Book 5 in the Royal House of Saene. It has been fun reading this series which started with the three Princess. And now they're back with exclusive introductions to the five Princes. This series, and visiting the Kingdom of Bagumi, has engulfed the quote of having an adventure without leaving home.

Prince Zareb Saene has taken up the role of head of security. Deciding to give up on his passion for bringing an Olympic medal to his country was due to his father's illness and selflessly doing his part to assist. To bring an Olympic Medal to his Kingdom has been one of his sole focuses for as long as he can remember. An injury and responsibilities have kept him from pursuing. If he's not the one bringing the medal home, he is determined to find someone who matches his skill set, is dedicated to the sport, and is worthy of his approval. There is just one rule that will disqualify anyone from being trained by him, the best...FEMALE.

The Queen, throughout the series, has broken to be the best strategist, not only with the Kingdom affairs but with knowing and navigating her children to what is best for them. Understanding why her son has stuck true to his rules for training, she feels he has suffered enough. When Malika Ahvanti, the daughter of a close friend of the Queen, has lost hope of fulfilling her dying mother's wishes, the Queen steps in and sets a plan in motion that is two-fold.

Will these plans work? Will the deception send everything in a downward spiral. Will Prince Zareb forgive his mother for aiding and abetting? Will his mystery mentee have what it takes to bring home the gold? Find these answers and more in The Resolute Prince.

If you love a story with strong-willed women and men who respect and adore them, check out this entire series. It is not short on drama, love, and unique family dynamics.



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