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One wealthy businessman, a trio of unsuspecting wives, and an explosive turn of events. In this scandalous, twist-filled new series from award-winning author Shelly Ellis, will too many secrets and one devastating bond unite three women--or destroy them?

Noelle. Diamond. Vanessa. Each woman believes she is Cyrus Grey's only wife--until he's nearly shot to death. Now, as he lies in a coma, the deceptions keep coming, unraveling everything they thought they knew...

Gorgeous model Noelle's marriage to Cyrus anchored her--though she couldn't understand why he wouldn't have a baby with her. They certainly had the money. But she's learning fast just how Cyrus became so rich--thanks to his fatally attractive business partner...

For Diamond, marrying Cyrus saved her from the streets--and being a pimp's punching bag. But her past makes her the police's prime suspect in Cyrus' shooting. She's determined to get to the truth--if she can survive long enough to tell it...

Even with her beautiful house, three kids, and elegant lifestyle, Vanessa sensed something was wrong in her marriage. But she never expected this--or that taking a lover for comfort would change the game completely.

With danger closing in, Cyrus' life hanging in the balance, and collateral damage threatening to take them all down, how far will each woman go to be the real Mrs. Grey?


WTH!!! Shelly Ellis was not kidding. There are three Mrs. Greys. Yep, you guess right there is a boatload of drama!!! And there is some shooting involved; bullet lands its mark but did not come from who you may think. 😱🤐

Cyrus Grey has decided he needs three wives. Out of all the characters he is the most mysterious. Even after he is caught up he didn’t crack and was still calling shots. Now the wives, all different looks and walks of life.

#1 Vanessa Grey, now this one you must keep your eye on, she has secrets of her she thinks. This union gets a little tricky due to them having children.

#2 Noelle Grey, a retired model, owns a boutique and has questionable mental stability. No children, but she desperately wants to have them. This union has some friction because instead of telling her the real reason they cannot have kids Cyrus gives her a boutique instead. 😠🤔

A spicy note to this one is the business partner has a seedy past and appears to have his eye on wife #2. 😲

And last, but certainly not least, is

#3 Diamond Grey, is the youngest of the clan, has a less than stellar past that she would rather keep hidden. She cannot seem to shake her past when she finds herself in the line of fire, literally. Now she is being questioned for her husband's shooting.

I liked the drama and suspense of the storyline. I would've like to have a bit more about why Cyrus had three wives, his end game.

If you think this review leaves you with unanswered questions, that is how I feel. I can only hope that more will be coming soon. If you enjoy a love triangle with a twist, drama, and suspense, this is a must-read for you.


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