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A BOOK BAR REVIEW: The Way You Hold Me

I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of The Way You Hold Me and I am excited to share it with all my book buddies. This conglomerate of fam friends is dedicated to each other despite any and every situation. It is made up of family and friends, but a bloodline is not what makes them family.

What you get with Skye and Garrett is a couple with hearts so familiar it would be impossible for them to love someone else.

Stand-Alone: No

Pure Talent Book 2 Publisher: Dafina Publication Date: December 1, 2020

Dazzling, demanding mega-stars. Tabloid drama. Brilliant, unpredictable creators. Viral rumors. Ambitious, gifted newcomers. Internet-breaking crash-and-burns. The Pure Talent Agency team manages it all—even risking scandals of their own . . .

Skye Palmer puts out the biggest publicity fires for Pure Talent’s top names. But when an A-list Hollywood actress’s dream marriage proves anything but, Skye has to do nightmare damage control. Even worse, her ex-lover, attorney Garrett Steele, is crisis manager for her client’s powerful director husband. Now for Skye and Garrett, containing this disaster—and keeping their reignited passion in check—may be mission impossible . . .

Troubleshooting is what Garrett and his elite firm do best. But saving his client from career-killing bad news means battling the one woman Garrett’s never gotten over. And when joining forces with Skye leads to one steamy night together—followed by another and another—both their reputations are on the line. Yet now that they’ve turned up the heat, can they put a new spin on their future?


The Way You Hold Me is the 2nd installment of the Pure Talent series. After reading several books by this author and hearing so much about Skye, I was ready for her to tell us her story.

Skye Palmer is a powerhouse in the PR community and part of the Pure Talent team. She is the most sawt after publicist to the A-Listers. Garrett Steele has developed a successful Crisis Management Firm, and troubleshooting is his superpower. Since the break up ten years ago, these two have been dancing around their attraction.

As we take this journey, it is obvious Skye's character is complex. She shoulders the weight of everything/everyone from family to failed relationships. Taking the advice of a friend, she sees a therapist, who challenges her with an assignment. It is that challenge that prompts her to seek closure to her unrest.

When Holywood actress Paige Mills and her husband are involved in a messy scandal, it is Skye and Garrett who get the call to represent them. Being forced to work together gives them the perfect opportunity to begin the clear the air.

I enjoyed taking this journey with Skye and Garrett. The author does a great job crafting real-life issues and how they deal with them. You get a great lineup of supporting characters that move the story alone.

I recommend The Way You Hold Me for your reading pleasure.


Stella Rosa Red is the dangerously delicious semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Luxury Collection red wine that will bring out your inner femme-fatale. Find her, embrace her.

Food Pairs:

Asiago cheese, spicy cioppino, turkey burgers with onions, strawberry shortcake, mixed berries.

Book Bar Pair: The Way You Hold Me.

Stella Rosa Red is a semi-sweet red wine, chilled it was very refreshing. At first glance, it has a deep red color. On the nose, you experience a strong fruity aroma with hints of strawberry, raspberry, and maybe a hint of blackberry. Your tongue will celebrate its bold flavors and tickling due to it having light sparkling.

Due to its great flavor and because the book was filled with lots of gatherings with fam friends, this made for a great tag alone.

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