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A Book Bar Spotlight: Moore Family Saga Series by Michelle Sims

Act I Seed on Fire by Michele Sims Series: Moore Family Saga Stand-Alone: yes Publisher: Green Books Publishing Publication Date:  November 15, 2018 Genre: Romance, Interracial, Fantasy Heat Level: Sensual

Twenty-five years before the events in the novel, The Fire God Tour, Kaiden and Alicia Moore, originally from North Carolina, were enjoying a life full of love and passion. As a young, beautiful and an upwardly mobile professional couple who had made their home in New York City, they were busy balancing their careers with the demands of their new marriage which as fate would have it, included an unexpected bundle of joy. They got pregnant on their honeymoon and so began their adventure in this novel, The Seed on Fire, a sexy contemporary romance of a multi-cultural couple with elements of fantasy that is also the prequel to the novel The Fire God Tour. Nothing about their lives together has ever been typical and their relationship will forever be changed by a series of nightmarish events that threaten their love and the life of their unborn child. Will their commitment to each other and support of their close-knit family be enough to cope with their challenges? Come and join them on their journey as they experience the joys and excitement awaiting the birth of their son, Miles Aridio Moore, a process, to their surprise, also fosters a period of significant self-growth.


A Book Bar Review: 🍷🍷🍷🍷

This is my first read with this author and wasn’t sure what to expect before diving in. The cover and title piqued my interest and the story kept me turning the pages.

Kaiden and Alicia Moore are newlyweds and before they’ve had the chance to focus on just being married, they return from the honeymoon with the news of being pregnant. This young couple is quickly thrown into the adjustments of expecting a child so soon after being wed.

With their unique family dynamic, it becomes apparent that ALMOST everyone is happy for this news of the expected new addition. The author plots an interesting story of romance, suspense, covert operations mixed with an element of fantasy to keep you engaged until the very end.

The Network and the book’s supporting characters made this story complete. I am looking forward to what comes next.

I recommend this to any fellow reader that enjoy a romance sprinkled with an element of fantasy.

Act II Playing with Fire by Michele Sims

Series: Moore Family Saga Stand-Alone: yes Publisher: Green Books Publishing Publication Date:  January 30, 2019 Genre: Romance, Interracial, Fantasy Heat Level: Sensual

Cade returns to the states to be with his family, but it’s clear that life cannot go on as normal when Miles suffers from an intense illness that leaves him immobile and mute for days. Through Vincent’s Network contacts, Cade and Lecia are able to find adequate care for Miles at a facility that understands his condition.

Aside from his unusual ability, Miles shows an affinity for several other skills, from writing as a result of his extensive vocabulary, to singing and dancing. But a dark side also appears: in the notebook he uses to list new words he learns, he’s keeping a separate list—of people who he plans to make disappear.


A Book Bar Review: 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

Ms. Sims brings us back with more family adventure with the Moore family.  After reading the first book, I was excited to dive into the next one.  One thing that is constant; family support is priceless and trust me it is definitely NEEDED😁.

If you remember in the previous installment Kaiden and Alicia was working through the traumatic birth of their son (Miles).  As the story begins it appears that all is going well the family is together on tour with Cade.  He is at the top of his game and his fans can’t get enough of him.  Miles is progressing remarkably, advancing academically and he is extremely talented…then a series of unexplained mishaps!!  Tension starts to grow between Alicia and Cade when she decides it’s best for her and Miles to return to the states with Vincent and Dana.  They all agree that they should stay with Vincent and his family while Cade is still in Paris.  As time goes on Vincent discovers Miles unusual ability and the notebook 😱.  This little tidbit sends things into a tailspin that test the family bonds…. Again!

Let me say that Miles is definitely the leading male in this one, for me that is.  One moment he pulls on your heartstrings with his charismatic and loving personality… (” Hold me tight so I can feel your love and I’ll hug you to give you mine.”) and in the next he has you grabbing your chest at his aggressive outburst and manipulative behavior.

There were appearances from the Rodriquez family and their true colors showed up. Grammie Mommy was there to drop us some good ole fashion wisdom and the other kids made their mark in this one and sealing this story’s theme of love, forgiveness, secrets, mystery, and family bond.

Arie has piqued my curiosity and I would like to know more about this genetic mutation and its origin.

This is a great read for the reader that likes a few twists in their story.

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ABOUT MICHELE SIMS Michele Sims is the “author-ego” of Deanna McNeil, MD and creator of the Moore Family Saga and the Fire God Series. She loves writing hot love stories and women’s fiction with multidimensional characters in multigenerational families. She is the recipient of the 2018 RSJ Aspiring Author Award and first runner up in the Introvert Press Poetry Contest for February 2018. She is a member of the LRWA, in Charleston, SC and the From The Heart Romance Writers’ online group. She lives in South Carolina with her husband who has been her soulmate and greatest cheerleader. She is the proud mother of two adult sons and the auntie to many loved ones. When she’s not writing, she’s trying to remember the importance of exercise, travelling, listening to different genres of music, and observing the wonders of life on this marvelous planet. WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

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