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With several 5 star reviews for a Promised Fulfilled, a story of love, faith, forgiveness, and healing of the heart, the author has brought us back with another DuBois-Arazi Family adventure with Destiny Fulfilled.

I am looking forward to visiting this family, I not only expect a great story, but I am also looking forward to reading more about the story setting.


Destiny Fulfilled by Unoma Nwankwor


DuBois-Arazi Family Novel

Publisher: KevStel Publications

Publication Date: March 5, 2022

Genre: Black/AA Christian Fiction

True Love Match?

Mustafa DuBois-Arazi doesn't give second chances. But Zaina Bakari needs one to redeem herself.

The legacy of his family's luxury resort, Grand Amour is on the line, and he'll stop at nothing to preserve it. Even if it means working with the woman, he vowed never to set eyes on again.

For Zaina, life is great, well almost. The way she handled Mustafa years ago, constantly weighs on her conscience. Now, she finds herself in his presence again as his environmental consultant. She wants a chance to explain but quickly finds out, he's not the same man she once knew.




DuBois-Arazi Family Novel

Publisher: KevStel Publications

Publication Date: November 30, 2019

Genre: Black/AA Christian Fiction

This Christmas, Unoma Nwankwor invites you to the home of the DuBois-Arazis: Tweede Kans Cove. A small town near the Mid Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Take a trip to the town where love almost always gets a second chance.

While Christmas is tough for Yasmine DuBois-Arazi, her beloved hometown of Tweede Kans Cove couldn’t be merrier. Her fix? Every year, she goes away. This year, however, when the responsibility for the Hope for the Holidays Christmas benefit suddenly falls in her lap, things might not go according to plan.

She’s gone through worse, but being in Tweede Kans Cove for the holidays isn’t something she thinks she’ll survive. She has to get out of town.

Kojo ‘Keyz’ Sarbah has been on the run long enough. Eighteen years too long. In that time, he’s become a famous, award-winning music producer. To the world, he’s living the dream, but for years, the demons from his childhood told him otherwise. After a near-death experience, he decides to seek help and live free. There’s just one problem; his heart remains bound. And the person with the key hates his guts.

Christmas is the season of hope. Tweede Kans Cove is the town where second chances are born. For Kojo, it’s time to head back to the place of his birth. Will the town’s charm and the season of hope help him convince Yasmine that he deserves a second chance?

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