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Second Chance on Cypress Lane: the first book in the Holly Grove Island series. This has a few of my favorite troupes, second chance and small-town romance.

In this heartwarming second-chance romance, a woman returns home and discovers that, when it comes to finding love, there's no place like home.

Rising-star reporter Dakota Jones is usually the one breaking the news---until an inadvertent scandal wrecks her career. The only place she can go to regroup is Holly Grove Island. But her small South Carolina hometown comes with a major catch: Dexter Roberts, the first man to break Dakota's heart, isher new boss. Working alongside Dexter, who is more attractive than he has a right to be, shows Dakota what might have been . . . but she isn't giving him another chance to break her heart.

Dexter has always regretted the way things ended between him and Dakota. Her return could be his opportunity to finally make amends. But the more time he spends with Dakota, the more he realizes his feelings for her never went away. Now he has just a few months to convince her to give their love a second chance. But for Dakota to agree to stay, Dexter will have to reveal the devastating truth about why he let Dakota go all those years ago.

Includes the bonus novella Kiss Me at Sweetwater Springs by Annie Rains!


Second Chance on Cypress Lane has two of my favorite tropes. Our first visit to Holly Grove island explores a 17-year separation without the truth of why; Will love prevail?

Dakota Jones's well-planned life of becoming a weekend anchor shatters due to a relationship scandal that goes viral. It wasn't enough that she lost the job, but she was blacklisted in the industry. She takes the opportunity to come home to Holly Grove Island to heal and refocus. New challenges come after being reunited with her best friend, father, and in the same town with the one person that couldn't be replaced. Not wanting to be deemed a failure in the eyes of those she loves and left to pursue a career that ending in a life-altering scandal.

Always the protector and fixer, Dexter Roberts made a critical mistake when he pushed Dakota away in the name of protecting her from a life of regret. When it looks like a second chance is in his sites, a permanent executive position, and having to tell the truth about the breakup, he finds his future looks daunting once again. Everything would need must be exposed before moving forward.

It's unfortunate for both Dakota and Dexter that parent interference shaped their lives. The secrets, guilt, bribery, and lies derail their destiny.

I enjoyed how the author crafted this small-town, and in Reese Ryan's fashion, we get a good dose of family drama. I am looking forward to the next visit to Holly Grove Lane.


Stella Rosa Imperiale Orange Moscato is a sparkling wine full of sass, pizzazz, and that “you don’t mess with me” type of attitude. More of this wine is never a bad idea.

Food Pairing Recommendations:

Fresh fruits, cheeses and after dinner desserts.

My Book Recommendations: Second Chances on Cypress Lane

Stella Rosa Orange Moscato is a light, smooth, and refreshing. I picked up subtle hints of orange, apricot, and a light floral bouquet. While, I didn't get a bold introduction, the flavors were crisp and had a good balance of flavors making this an enjoyable treat.

Like Second Chances on Cypress Lane and its small-town presentation, Stella Rosa Orange Moscato offers a treat that you can enjoy as weekend with friends or me time cozying up by the fire with a good book (Second Chances on Cypress Lane).

You can grab this from or local wine and spirits. $15 - $20.

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