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There is no stronger bond between true love and family. It is bound to be tested, find out how this one makes out.


A Lassiter Wedding Series


Publisher: Siri Austin Entertainment LLC

Publication Date: March 26, 2022

Genre: AA Romance/ Family Life

What happens when dysfunctional families meet the Lassiters? They all learn the meaning of LOVE... Love is Kind, Love is Patience, and Love... lasts for a Lifetime.

The Lassiter siblings have been blessed with an internal detector identified as the love gene. Now, that they have found love, one obstacle after another is threatening their happy ever after...

An International Affair

Luke Lassiter is determined to give his fiancé Sasha Coles the perfect wedding on the beautiful waters of the Mediterranian sea. Now that Luke has won over Sasha’s heart, he wants to protect her peace of mind.

The imp, known as Stephanie Coles, is doing all she can to disrupt her daughter, Sasha’s life. Her goal is simple, money…money…and money. If Sasha’s happiness is destroyed in the process…well, that’s just a plus.

Between planning a destination wedding and trying to protect her newfound family from her mother, Sasha is at her wit's end. Unbeknownst to her, plans have been put in place by her family and Luke's to ensure that this wedding goes off without a hitch.

The only way to get Stephanie from between them to have their happy ever after may be throwing her overboard, however, that could lead to An International Affair.



I recommend both the wine and the book.

The author does it again. An International Affair is one of those reads you keep saying, just one more chapter. I love how she can weave characters and side stories that reveal truths but will also keep you engaged with new observations.

It is something to be said about the Lassiter men, particularly Luke, a man so in love with his woman, he's willing to give her the desires of her heart...before she knows what they are.

Sasha's experience of becoming part of a family unit was a whole ordeal itself. The things that she realizes about her life without the rose-colored glasses are what provide the reader with lots of action.

Get ready for a celebration and enlightenment that you only get with the Lassiters, oh yeah the Days.

You will love Luke and Sasha's journey into new beginnings.


Cara Mello Peach is the perfect wine to enjoy with a good book or to relax.

The aroma presents like a summer fruit salad in a bottle.

It is light-medium bodied and has a good balance of sweet and dryness. I recommend serving chill to enjoy its refreshing, crisp, and peach-forward flavors.

I recommend both the wine and book for your reading pleasure. Whether you decide to experience this book & booze pair together or separately, as I always say DO ENJOY! Sip Responsibly!

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