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This Crowne member comes with many surprises, but I have a feeling we are in for quite the adventure going forward!



Crowne Legacy Book 6

Publisher: Coffee'd Pink Creative

Publication Date: March 26, 2022

Genre: Black & AA Erotic, Suspense/Family Life

Ever wonder if revealing your secrets will be the missing piece to finding your soulmate?


They say I’m one of the good ones, whatever that means. While most of my family work against the law, I work for it... somewhat. Being a Crowne comes with certain responsibilities, but it’s hard to shine when people expect you to be brilliant all the time. To have all the answers regardless of the questions. Yet, even I have secrets. I’m a lawyer by day, but at night, that’s when I come alive. That’s when everything makes sense.

HIM My world was built on lies and secrets, eating away at the good parts of me. When knowing too much incriminating information could get you killed, your only choices are to adapt or die. There are things about me others would never understand. Yet, one knowing look from her and I realize that my world just got more complicated. She could be my sanctuary in more ways than one. Or she might just be the siren leading to my demise. Please Note: To avoid any spoilers, please check out the other books in the Crowne Legacy series, including the spin off, Two Dirty Santas. In a society of unpredictability, greed, and crime, several individuals were thrust into a world of money, sex, and power after they were adopted by an affluent Chicago couple. For years, they have lived by the code, Know Thy Enemy. However, what seems too good to be true usually is. Can they trust their allies and defend the Crowne legacy? Or will they realize that loyalty and honor are luxuries they can't afford?



We are back with this sixth installation of the Crowe Legacy. The author has done a great job with world-building and character development throughout the entire series. If you are new to this series, here are a few identifiable points about our heroine, Keaton Crowne; Only adopted sister; Occupation: Lawyer; Loyal to a fault; Beautiful; Intelligent; Business-Savvy; Independent; Strategic; Known as one of the good decide.

We learn that Keaton has now come into an empire left to her by her biological family. This journey is more about her coming into her own by discovering who

the real Keaton Crowne is. When she hosts an invitation-only, soft-open event, she makes an unpredictable connection that may prove risky in more ways than

anyone can imagine.

Now, our hero, Voshon Carrington hails from "Two Dirty Santas" an earlier release by Sherelle Green, and I felt he had unfinished business at the end, so I am excited about him making a debut in Keaton's Sanctuary. He is a politician, and while a community favorite, some Crownes have a difference of opinion, with an appetite for a specific type of passion.

These two carry a secret that can disrupt their businesses and families. To outsiders, the secrets are what binds them, and Duchess, always the strategist finds the solution to befit them all. Only this time her plan drops pandora's box, and what spills out is a bomb that rocks them all. Hold onto your seat because you will have a WTH moment just before we get to the end and even after.

I have enjoyed each release of this series and can guarantee it's worth the time. It may have been suggested to read this as a stand-alone, and technically it can be, but what type of influencer would I be if I didn't encourage reading the series from the beginning for your complete reading experience.



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If you are a fan of Moscato you might enjoy this one and, this will pair well with spicy foods...spicy characters!

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Whether you are trying these together or separately, do enjoy, but sip responsibly!


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