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Updated: Apr 8, 2022

This was an awesome pair, I enjoyed both elements, the storyline kept me engaged, I was able to find a white wine that I can enjoy without stressing about which one to buy, and like the wine, the characters had me intrigued.

Looking forward to the next Lawrence Sisters installment. I am so looking forward to Sammie's story🤗


Josephine “Joey” Lawrence is making a name for herself in the Philadelphia area as the owner of Naturally Lavender. She’s hustling her hair care products online and selling the good old-fashioned way; peddling from salon to salon. With dreams of expanding her business to a storefront, Joey’s longing to be swept away by someone special isn’t a priority.

Bad boy Jamal Peters got his act together after being on the wrong side of the law. Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Jamal becomes an attorney to keep himself on the straight and narrow path. Restless, he quits his high-paying job and opens Top Hats, a chain of gentlemen spas catering to wealthy businessmen. Although he’s successful, Jamal is once again restless. He wants more than the occasional fling but has yet to find his equal.

Joey and Jamal are reacquainted at a black tie event and neither of them can deny the instantaneous attraction. When an opportunity is presented for them to become business partners they can’t resist throwing pleasure into the mix. As they explore their feelings, one of them is left wondering if it’s worth the drama that comes with the relationship. Will their love connection survive?




Forever Yours is the first book in the Lawrence Sisters Series. If you have read other titles by this author, some of the characters that crossover may be familiar to you. In this title, we take a journey with Jamal and Joey. There are so many things to enjoy in this story, but what stands out the most were the nuggets we get from Jamal's experience.

Josephine "Joey" Lawrence is the youngest of the Lawrence ladies. She is a chemist and owner of Naturally Lavendar, where she makes and sells natural hair and skin care products. While her small business is nothing to sneeze at, it is at a black-tie event that she makes a connection that could take her business to the next level. Will she be able to accept everything this contract entails?

Jamal Peters is a man who had been rejected and neglected by the one person that should've understood what rejection felt like and protected him. We've heard the story all too often, teens acting out due to things they're missing at home. It was Jamal's path until he found himself in front of a judge that gave him an ultimatum that changes his life's course. Making a favorable decision gave us an example of someone who didn't let their past define them.

When Jamal and Joey reacquaint at a black-tie event and make no mistake the attraction is instant, but things get messy when his date makes a scene and Joey's sister finds out the person who's occupied so much of her time. When business and pleasure mix things are never as easy as it seems.

Forever Yours is a well-written storyline with intriguing characters, offering bits of romance, drama, suspense, and forgiveness. There are a few twists that will surprise you. It is what makes this something readers will enjoy.




You’re not like everyone else - when others say no you say yes. And Stella Rosa’s Pinot Grigio is just like you! It’s different yet exciting. Our very first still wine is everything you look for in life, it takes you on a thrilling adventure with each crisp sip. Once you go Pinot, you’ll never look back.

Unlike the rest of the Stella Rosa brand that is semi-sweet and semi-sparkling, our Pinot Grigio is dry like traditional wines. With 12% ABV, this Italian wine is best served chilled.


Honey, green apple, and pear.


Pinot Grigio is perfect alongside appetizers, grilled chicken, and salads.

COST: $11-18


This one is a delightful, yet unexpected surprise coming from Stella Rosa that usually offers a sweet or semi-sweet flavor. Not too acidic, crisp, and refreshing. It has an elegant straw color and is dry, light-bodied, and offering the aroma and flavors of pears, apples and, citrus.

I usually prefer Reds but I've been trying my taste buds on Rose and Whites hoping to find one that I can have on hand. Pinot Grigio has been tricky for me and just when I thought it was a lost cause, Stella Rosa Pinot Grigio shows up and settles the score.

Just like the surprising twist in Forever Yours, the Pinot Grigio offer an unexpected element making the book and wine the suggested pair. Whether you enjoy these together or separate, it is no question that they will be a great choice.


Suzette Riddick

Thanks Midnight for the wonderful review. I'm thrilled you enjoyed Joey and Jamal.


I am waiting for the next one!!!

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