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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The author has crafted the world of a suspenseful thriller and introduces pieces of puzzle one release at a time. You might try to figure everything out; don’t just enjoy the ride. All will be revealed in the end. Looking forward to the next discovery.

Crowne Legacy: Book Three

Publication Date: May 11, 2021

Genre: Black and AA Thriller, Romance Suspense

Ever experience lust at first sight and know the person is wrong for you in every way?


My demons are mine to slay. My burdens are mine to carry. I’ve never been a knight in shining armor. More like a savage in dusty timbs condemned to spend my existence taking lives. Therefore, the last thing I want to do is save hers even if my family dictates I’m the best man for the job. Then again, only God judges who goes to heaven and hell and maybe this could tip the scale in my favor. But could giving into temptation erase this good deed? She is a vixen after all, testing my patience and my will.


He doesn’t think I deserve his help and honestly, I don’t blame him. He doesn’t like that I’m not from his world and truthfully, he’s right. He’s the only Crowne I didn’t want to help me and yet, he’s exactly who I got. While his eyes may seem murderous, there’s something else there too. Something he doesn’t want me to see. He’s warned me to leave him alone and I listen... Until I don’t.

Please Note: Jedidiah's Crowning Glory contains sex, violence, and profanity. Before reading this story, it is recommended that you check out the first books in Crowne Legacy.



One thing that stood out with this one is that our heroes, no matter how flawed they are, are referenced as good-looking, handsome, or fine. In this one, it appears that the author made a point to reference that Jedidiah Crowne aka Jackie D was just the opposite, and yet in my mind, it was one of the things that intrigued me even more about this character. I hope you don't miss his reference to (ugly guys).

At first meet, in Carter's book Jackie D was, for the most part, non-verbal, not because of any medical reason, but because of his internal darkness, suspicious and observant nature, and fierce protective skills. At the beginning of this series, I questioned when he held more than a two-word conversation, so he had my mouth gaping when he engaged and kicked knowledge in few intense conversations.

So far, this series has been a discovery of one secret at a time. Due to the family dynamic and its businesses, the background of each family member requires secrecy and a limited amount of trust. When Korie is found in a questionable situation and detained by Jedidiah, it opens a pandora's box that causes her to come under the Crowne microscope. The chemistry between them has had a slow simmer but quickly begins to spark. The loyalty that Jedidiah's family and teams rely on and this assignment to protect and find out what Korie is hiding will test his resolve. How will he fare?

There are so many things to like in the well-written romantic suspense thriller. The twist and turns uncovered will have you wanting everything all at once, but it is better if you go with the flow. The next piece of the puzzle is coming. The intriguing characters have you wanting to become a part of their circle.

A little-known fact, the Crowne siblings are nicknamed after liquor brands. While The Book Bar will shelf those liquor brands, we are widely known for serving wine when reading. In honor of our hero, we selected something from the cellar that stood out specifically for him, Three Finger Jack--Rum Barrel Red Blend.

Well, this is another phenomenal read that will have you thinking about it long after you have turned the last page. Oh and the Three Finger Jack...after the last sip😋


Rum Barrel-Aged Red Blend

The inaugural 2018 vintage could quite possibly be the best ever for Lodi, CA thanks to a near perfect growing season. Our Rum Barrel Aged Red Blend is a wine of distinction with a unique profile going to the seasoned Rum Barrels used in the same tradition as artisan master distillers.

VARIETAL: Red Wine Blend

VARIETAL COMPOSITION: 66% Merlot 15% Syrah 7% Petite Sirah 5%Tannat 5% Tempranillo

ACID: 0.60 g/100mlPH3.55 g/100ml

ALCOHOL: % 14.5

FOOD PARINGS: Beef, Lamb, Veal, Aged parmesan, cheddar cheeses

COST: $15-20 It can be found at most of your local grocery stores or wine & spirits.




This wine has a unique profile due to the seasoned rum barrels used in the aging process. It is one of the things that makes this red blend wine a fun change.

On the palate, a bold punch of red and dark fruit mixed with the oak and earth. There are medium tannins, a lingering fruity, vanilla caramel finish making this a crowd-pleaser, much like its pair..." Jedidiah's Crowning Glory".

The wine was tasty and offered a nice companion to the read!

Whether you enjoy these together or separately, always enjoy, but sip responsibly!


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