The fourth season with the Connecticut Kings has brought about heavy changes, front office staff overhaul, Trent Bailey has uncertainty about his future, and Jordan Johnson is in the midst of a career change. Whoa!


Love's Encroachment by Love Belvin

Series: Connecticut Kings Book Seven

Genres: Black & AA Romance, Sports Romance

Publisher: ‎ MKT Publishing, LLC

Publication date : ‎ May 22, 2021

It was twenty-two years ago when Launz and Nye met at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Trenton, New Jersey. Both students, Launz played college football and gigged as a guitarist on the side while Nye was promoted from kitchen cleaner to a waitress. All due to Nye’s clever prowess, it took no time at all for a passionate affair to ignite. Then, as quickly as it all began, it all ended when Nye up and disappeared.

Launz went on to become an accomplished football coach in both Division I college programs as well as the League. He’d just landed the coveted role as the head coach for the Connecticut Kings when Nye breezed back into his world. The position has come with great challenges, thanks to Launz’s predecessors. He must rebuild a team separated by scandal and betrayal.

Nye has been gone, fighting demons in secret. Though she’s done well for herself as an attorney, her absence has been the most painful period of the life she’s had to endure—that or trying to explain to Launz the hell she’s been through.

~“Launz, I was hoping we could talk.”

His head rolled over and the words of his expression could kill. Launz snorted, “Apparently we’ve had something to talk about for over twenty years, but now—today—is the day you’re hoping to?” His eyes went lazy, which was dangerously deceptive for me. He scoffed, shook his head softly, then stepped off.

Launz left.~

Twenty-two years is a long time. Or is it?