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Updated: May 10, 2021

I had a pleasant experience with the book and the wine. If you enjoy a good second chance romance with a mature couple and insight into a young, new, and in-love couple I recommend Something About You!!!!



There is just something about sexy, confident Lita Woods that commands Trey Hampton's attention the moment he encounters her. Until he discovers his son plans to marry her daughter and they're both about to become grandparents.

Lita's knee-jerk reaction to the news drives her daughter away. She's left with no choice but to team up with the charming, handsome grandfather-to-be on their common goal of stopping this wedding.

When Trey invites Lita to join him and the kids at his beach house for the summer, their connection is too powerful to deny. And as they conspire to prevent their college-age children from derailing their futures-the way they once did-they find themselves falling in love.




Something About You is more than a grown and sexy romance. Not only did the author craft a second chance love with a mature couple, but we also get some insight into a new in love younger couple.

Trey Hampton and Lita Woods are parents of adult children and navigating living their best life. When dinner plans with their college-bound children throw them into each other paths. The chemistry is undeniable, but will the news they receive alter their course to true love and happiness? The announcement of a pregnancy and a marriage proposal was not the menu special they were expecting.

Like any parent, you want what's best for your children, and certainly a pregnancy and getting married before finishing school will prove challenging, a journey Trey and Lita know all too well. Well, it becomes a battle of wills when the parents try to guide them to their way of thinking, while Meeka and Jamal have plans of their own laid out.

What I like most about this read is it offered insight from both perspectives, and while both sides offer compelling points, in the end, they agreed it was better to combine forces. I will say I was curious how that family dynamic would be if the couples followed their hearts, but this one didn't take us that far in the journey. Hopefully, a sneak peek from another story in is the future.

Overall, Something About You was well-written with great characters making it the perfect addition to the Rose Gold umbrella.


This sophisticated dry Rosé has aromas of raspberry and orange blossom with delightful acidity and mouthwatering fresh stone fruit and citrus palate.


Raspberry and Orange Blossoms


pairs perfectly with chocolate covered strawberries, grilled fish dishes and your holiday feast.



The nose and palate is on the same accord with this one. Picking up notes of fruit, citrus, and light floral aromas.

The finish has a hint of pepper that reminds me of a bourbon barrel-aged wine. Your taste buds will be reminded of this Rosé long after the last sip.

McBride Sisters have a real contender in the Rosé sector. I like the feel of discovering a new book release or trying a new bottle of wine gives.

You can find BGM wines in most local wine and spirits or online.



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