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This hero has some endearing quirky ways, but in the bedroom room he lays it down with Good Ole Fashion HEAT!!!!!

I hope to have more Honey Hill Adventures!!!



Publisher: Montlake

Publication Date: January 18, 2022

Genre: Small Town/Rural Fiction and AA Romance

A devoted small-town mayor confronts an old flame over the fate of a historic inn in this delightful romance from author Joy Avery.

Honeybees, history, and small-town charm are what Honey Hill, North Carolina, is all about. Its mayor, Lunden Pierce, will stop at nothing to protect the town’s historical landmarks and distinctive character. She’s Honey Hill’s greatest champion.

But everything changes when Lunden’s childhood sweetheart, Quade Cannon, returns to town. Though Quade has fond memories of his summers in Honey Hill, he has no use for the historic inn he’s inherited—or the honeybees living in its yard. His plan is to sell the inn and reap the rewards.

For Lunden, though, the threat to Honey Hill’s history means war. Determined to change Quade’s mind, she immerses him in the town’s charm and its honeybee culture. But while he’s falling for Honey Hill, he falls for Lunden, too—and the feeling is mutual. As their summer romance heats up, Lunden has a choice to make: the town she loves or the man who threatens to change it.



Welcome to Honey Hill! Joy Avery invites us to visit the small-town charm of Honey Hill, where honey bees are all the rave. That is not the only Something So Sweet we will witness on this romantic journey of Lunden Pierce and Quade Cannon.

When the town's legend, Shugga Hawthorne, passes away, it becomes the Mayor's sole focus to preserve the piece of property that is iconic to the people of Honey Hill. Armed with a portfolio of ideas, Lunden has a plan of action. It all comes to a screeching halt when the surviving owner shows up with other ideas in mind.

Quade's memory is cloudy regarding his favorite times spent at the Inn that he has inherited. His plan is simple, get in, make the sale and get on with his life. Now old memories surface, and ebbs begin to flame. I love how the author wrote this character and the quirky ways it made him so endearing.

There was so much to love about this read; from the lessons in beekeeping to the charm of the small town, you will find something to keep you turning these pages.

If it's adventures of small-town living, drama, and antics with a dose of conflict and romance you enjoy, this is one I recommend you check out.

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