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The Bourbon Brother Series concludes with The Bad Boy Experiment featuring Cole Abbott and Renee Lockwood. Their story is a second chance at love, but it is also rich in family legacies and history.


Stand-Alone: Yes Series: The Bourbon Brothers, Book 6 Publisher: Harlequin Desire Publication Date: December 28, 2021 Genre: Contemporary Romance


A steamy fling with an old crush who doesn’t do commitment? What was she thinking! Find out in the conclusion to Reese Ryan’s Bourbon Brothers series. What happens when you say yes to a bad boy? Even if divorcée Renee Lockwood were willing to give love a second chance, she wouldn’t choose Cole Abbott. The sexy, successful real estate developer doesn’t do commitment. But he’s perfect for a no-strings fling—exactly what Ren needs now that she’s moved back home to raise her son. Mind-blowing pleasure with the man she once crushed on is harder to quit than Ren expected. Impossible, in fact. Is time running out before the bad boy bolts…or will the results of her experiment surprise her?




I recommend both the wine and the book.

Well, they say all good things must come to an end, But Does It, or Will It?​

I must say the Abbott Family has been entertaining; the boardroom antics, the steamy hookups, waking up married, those second chances at true love, and most of all that PARKER AND COLE ABBOTT will have you crossing and squeezing your legs…IJS!​

When an elder's challenge from the past resurfaces, sparks ignite in the future...True Love never gets old.

Get ready for another great story from Reese Ryan.


Cre­at­ed by Mas­ter Som­me­li­er, Emi­ly Wines.


Merlot | Cabernet Franc | Malbec

Camille Proud checks all the boxes for a great red blend and with this series of wines, she gives a tribute to strong, brave, and unique women who are not afraid to experience life forging their own path. This wine complements the aunts: Wilhelmina and Beatrice, particularly Wilhelmina for taking the initiative to experience love and through her writing gifted a legacy of strength, independence, and love.

The bold blackberry, cherry, oak, chocolate, and spice were a nice compliment to the nose and palate. With medium tannins and acidity made for a nice mouthfeel without being overbearing. It has a medium, but smooth finish.

For my sweet wine drinkers...this one is bold and dry, but I would recommend trying when you are ready to venture out.

This wine is exclusively at Cooper's Hawk and is a little more pricey than some of the other selections offered. It also has a great story about the inspiration behind the wine.

Whether you enjoy them together or separately, enjoy, but sip responsibly!

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