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When a situationship between two friends goes from fake to real status, lives are changed forever❤



Publisher: Montlake

Publication Date: June 28, 2022

Genre: Small Town/Rural Fiction and AA Romance

A talented baker and a small-town sheriff forced into a fake relationship decide whether to take a chance on love in this delectable romance from Joy Avery.

Baker extraordinaire Rylee Harris has a recipe for everything—except love. It’s been five years since she lost her husband, but romance is still a struggle for Rylee. In her small hamlet of Honey Hill, North Carolina, Rylee knows she’ll be the talk of the town when she finds someone new.

To ease her mother’s worries about her love life, Rylee impulsively invents a fake relationship with the only man who’s caught her eye: the town sheriff, Canten Barnes. It’s supposed to be a secret, but secrets don’t last long in Honey Hill. One bit of gossip leads to another, and soon the whole town thinks Rylee and Canten are an item.

As Rylee and Canten embark on a make-believe relationship to save face, they slowly realize that their feelings for each other aren’t fake at all. Can Rylee and Canten keep the charade going—or will the town’s prized baker and respected lawman take a real chance on love?


There has been an enjoyable adventure coming back to Honey Hill. Canten and Raylee's journey is indeed sweeter than honey with a bit of spice, as it has been a slow burn that starts in book one. On our first visit to the small town, we left captivated by the mystery of the town's sheriff and his connection to Raylee, baker extraordinaire.

Canten is known for being firm on upholding the law but fair, willing to lend a helping hand with a good understanding of the town's people. So, of course, he does not hesitate to oblige when a friend gets in a bind and asks him to play a role that will put his heart in the crosshairs. Knowing this could open a box, he thought better left closed, he agrees.

Raylee is good at what she does, and no one else for miles can compare. She is secure in her career but in love not so much, which is why her mother feels it her duty to play cupid. In good faith, she is getting older and wants to see her daughter happy...grandkids. Raylee's parents announce their surprise visit, and she knows she needs to get boo'd up fast or be grilled and mated with a prospect of her mother's choosing.

Coming back to Honey Hill was so much more than I expected. The storyline of #whenfakebecomesreal fills us with an array of emotions, from seriousness-happiness-all out funny. This romantic comedy will have you booking the trip back before you even leave. The secondary characters, including the town itself, are always a bonus and keep the story moving along. It will have you reaching out to ask for their individual stories.

Joy Avery has given us another shelf-worthy read.


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