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A Country Wedding Review

A Country Wedding by Leigh Duncan Based on the Hallmark Channel Original Movie

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Do you only get one true love? Do opposites attract? Well for Sarah, Catherine and Bradley answers these questions in A Country Wedding. It is no secret that I enjoy the Hallmark Channel on the weekends and have seen this movie a few times. Its what drew me to the book.

Sarah is the girl next door and after finishing veterinary school ends up back in her childhood home caring for horses living out their last days. She is content to live the simple life with simple things.

At thirteen tragedy strikes and Bradley is moved away from his childhood home and takes a different path of his friends in Mill Town. His journey takes him into a world of celebrity and spotlights.

Catherine has spent most of her life in the spotlight and it’s all she knows. Her and Bradley’s relationship appears to be going well and the talks of taking it to the next step are underway. Once the announcement of their upcoming nuptials is leaked, things begin to unfold. We find that these two couldn’t be more different.

Bradley decides to come to Mill Town to tie up loose ends and prepare for his small intimate barn wedding, those plans take a few twists and turns, but brings him full circle and gives him his second chance at real love.

I recommend this sweet small-town romance for reading pleasure.

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